How to Download, Install and Test Vivaldi 4 with All Its News

When choosing the software with which we are going to move around the Internet, there are many proposals that we can use, some more well-known than others. Vivaldi is one of them, an Internet browser that does not stop growing, improving and gaining users. Well, we tell you all this because the most recent version of the program, Vivaldi 4, has just been released .

This is something that the developer of the project, Vivaldi Technologies, has made public just a few hours ago, we refer to Vivaldi 4. Here we talk about a new version of the Vivaldi web browser that comes with some interesting news that will delight your users. Among these we can highlight from the outset Vivaldi Translate , a translation function that preserves our privacy, or a stable version of the long-awaited Vivaldi Mail, Calendar and Feed Reader client.

Download, Install and Test Vivaldi 4 with All Its News

Before delving into all this, we will tell you that the new version is already available and we can get it from this link . In turn, most devices will automatically update to the new version over the next few hours. This is done from the Help / Check for updates menu. After installing it, we find a new welcome screen that shows us three usage scenarios that are divided into different levels of access to the functions.

All of them are always available, so we can choose between the essential, classic or full start, which determines the initial load of the browser.

Inicio vivaldi

A language translator and a mail client arrive at Vivaldi 4

We have already mentioned the arrival of Vivaldi Translate, an important arrival to the browser that is a very comfortable to use integrated translation function. It uses Lingvanex technology and it is a solution that does not involve third parties, as it would be if you used Google Translate or similar. Say that the feature is available on all desktop and mobile versions of the program. Thus, a translation icon is displayed on the interface and clicking on it opens the translation notice. Includes options to translate the page to another language, using the system language by default.

We can also change the language to any other that is compatible and configure certain rules. These refer to automatic translation of certain languages, or to block translations on the active site. Although it is true that the supported languages are not as many as those of Google Translate or Microsoft Translate , it covers the most common ones such as English, French, German, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish or Portuguese.

On the other hand we find the arrival of Vivaldi Mail , something that is released in its stable version for the first time in Vivaldi 4, a mail client that has been talking for years. In fact, this release makes Vivaldi one of the few browsers that comes with built-in mail functionality.

Interfaz vivaldi 4

At this point it is important to say that it is compatible with IMAP and POP3 and that we can add several email accounts. It also presents an intuitive interface and a multitude of settings to personalize the experience.

Other news that we find in the browser

It is also interesting to know that the newsreader is available in the mail client itself. We will see its corresponding category in the client’s sidebar, thus listing all the news services to which we are subscribed. In addition, Vivaldi 4 now shows a dedicated icon in the address bar to add content to our monitoring library, something that also works for YouTube channels.

Calendario vivaldi 4

We will also talk about the Vivaldi Calendar , the calendar functionality that also reaches the browser. With this we can add events to the online calendars or to Vivaldi’s own. This function supports three different layouts depending on the amount of data that we want to have in view.