How to download free games if I have Amazon Prime Gaming

If we use our computer as a tool that goes beyond work, we may also use it to play our favorite video games. With platforms like Epic or Origin releasing free games every week or the good deals Steam puts out, we may have our catalog well stocked. Similarly, a platform as popular as Amazon also has its gaming section where you can get free games just by being a Prime member.

And it is that there are many users who prefer to use their computer as the main gaming machine, to the detriment of consoles or even mobile phones, despite the somewhat high requirements of games and the high cost that cards currently have. graphics, something that should not be an impediment for those who want to enjoy the best gaming experience.

download free games if I have Amazon Prime Gaming

In the event that we do not want to spend a euro to play, it is possible to obtain free games on different platforms or at a very low cost. That is why today we are going to talk about Amazon Prime Gaming and the possibility of downloading up to five games and numerous add-ons at a time, for free if we are members of the Amazon Prime subscription. We will tell you all about its advantages, as well as the steps to access, download and install them.

What is Amazon Prime Gaming

Before Twitch became part of Amazon completely, there was Twitch Prime, which offered different advantages such as a free subscription on Twitch, as well as other benefits when playing. Since the acquisition of this by the giant e-commerce platform, some changes have been carried out, such as the name and it was renamed Prime Gaming , also expanding the services that we can obtain with the platform.

Prime Gaming is a service that we can access through our Amazon Prime subscription, with which we can play on the Twitch streaming platform without advertising, benefiting from some privileges and being able to download 5 free PC games every month , as well as having the ability to receive additional content for various titles in the form of add-ons for different platforms such as Epic, Steam, etc.

Main advantages

Benefits we get from using Prime Gaming include:

  • Access to free games : we will have every month of free games, as well as loot or accessories at no additional cost. It is undoubtedly the main point of interest.
  • Subscription to a Twitch channel : allows us to subscribe to our favorite Twitch channel every month so that we can access exclusive benefits for subscribers, such as chat privileges, emoticons, badges, etc.
  • Exclusive emoticons : like KappaHD, ScaredyCat, etc, reserved for members only.
  • Color change options for extended chats .
  • Unique Prime Chat Badges – Prime members are identified each time they chat by having a crown icon.
  • Extended Storage for Streams – Allows us to save our streams on Twitch for 60 days instead of the standard 14.

We must also take into account that the platform integrates with the Amazon Games client, from where we can play free games on our PC once we have requested them. In the same way, if we already have games purchased on the platform, they will appear next to the free ones that we are obtaining.

How much

The Prime Gaming service is part of the Amazon Prime subscription , so if we already have an account we will have Amazon Prime Gaming included for free at no additional cost, thus obtaining all its associated benefits.

In case we are not yet subscribed, we can subscribe to Amazon Prime by paying a monthly fee of 3.99 euros per month or by paying 36 euros per year . In case we have never been subscribed, we can opt for a free trial month, without commitment, during which we can make use of all its benefits.

The advantages of this subscription include free and same-day shipping within its platform, as well as the inclusion of Prime Video, Amazon Music, Prime Reading, priority access to exclusive offers and cloud storage with Amazon Photos. All this together with the additional benefits of Prime gaming that are included.

How to get free games and rewards

In order to take advantage of all the advantages that Prime Gaming offers, including free games and add-ons every time, the first thing we must do is access its official website to log in with our user account . To do this, we must click on the Start session button that we find in the upper right part. The first time we do it, it will be necessary to link our Twitch account.

Prime gaming iniciar sesión

Therefore, once logged in, we click on the button with our name that appears in the upper right. This will open a drop-down menu where we click on the Link Twitch account option.

Prime gaming vincular con Twitch

Once this is done, a new page appears where we can see everything that we can access for free. We can filter your content by:

  • All : shows both games and add-ons that we can get for free.
  • In-Game Content – Shows only available packs and add-ons. We can find from rewards such as a pack of gems for Lords Mobile to money to spend on GTA Online, weapons, etc.
  • Games – Shows only the available games that we can redeem each month, along with their expiration date.

If we click on any game we will enter its file where we can see photos, videos and a description of each one of them, as well as frequently asked questions that may be of interest to us. To obtain them, simply click on the Claim or Claim game button found in each of the available games or add-ons.

Prime gaming reclamar juego

How to redeem games

Once we have claimed our games, most of them will need to use the Amazon Games platform to be able to play through it. In other cases, they provide us with a code that we must redeem in the corresponding store for download and installation through that platform.


In order to enjoy our claimed games we must have Amazon Games installed on our computer. To do this we must click on the Download button and play the game that we have previously obtained.

Prime gaming descargar y jugar

This will open a new window where it will be explained to us that we must download Amazon Games to be able to play it. Thus, we only have to click on the Download for Windows button to obtain its installation file. Once downloaded, we run it to install it on our computer.

Descargar Amazon Gamer

Later, with the platform installed, we must access with our Amazon Prime credentials (email or mobile number and password).

Iniciar sesión en Amazon Games

Once we have accessed, its main menu will show us all the games that we have available with Prime Gaming, so we can also claim it from the application. To be able to install any game, just click on the Install button.

Amazon Games instalar juego

This will bring up a new window where we can choose the address where we want the game to be saved and even the possibility of creating a shortcut for our desktop. It will also inform us of how much space we have available on our hard drive and the space required by the game. To start the installation, click on the Continue button.

Amazon Games ruta instalación del juego

This will start the installation that we can follow from its own interface. The execution time will vary between the size of the game and the speed of our Internet connection. From the Library section that we find in its menu on the left we can have access to all the games that we have installed, and even filter them by the most recent, the most recently played or the oldest. To start playing our games, just click on the Play button.

Amazon Games iniciar juego

Third Party Gaming Platforms

As we have mentioned, some games or add-ons are only available for use on an external platform, other than Amazon Games. In this case, we can find games when requesting them, we must redeem them on Origin, Epic or Steam. We can identify these games because the tagline “in Origin”, “in Steam” , etc. appears next to their name.

Juego de Prime gaming para Origin

The moment we claim this type of game, a new screen will appear showing us a code and the steps we must carry out in order to redeem it on the corresponding platform. Basically it is to add a game and enter the code for its redemption so that we can download and install it, becoming part of our library on said platform. If we have already purchased or installed games, the process is very similar, although for beginners the steps are very well explained.

Canjear juego de Prime Gaming en Origin