Download the Best Cooking Games for Android

There are those for whom cooking is a challenge, and fortunately they have recipe apps to make it much easier. For others, however, being in the kitchen is really idle. For them, and for everyone, we have made a selection of the best cooking games. There are those who will put us in front of a restaurant, as a chef, and that will put us in front of the stove facing increasingly difficult recipes.

If you like cooking, these are the best games of this theme that you will find for Android mobile devices. In some you will only have to take care of the stove, but others will put you in the face of greater challenges because you will be in charge of managing a whole restaurant. So, you know, if you want to make special recipes, or if you want to be the biggest hospitality entrepreneur in the best cities, all these options are exactly what you are looking for.

Cooking Fever - Fever for the kitchen!

Face no less than 600 different dishes along 750 levels that, as is evident, will gradually demand more and more skill on your part. The kitchen can be fun, and this video game with attractive cartoon graphics proves it, in addition, with a conductive thread that will hook us from the first moment.

Cooking madness - Control your restaurant

Would you like to have your own restaurant? If so, this video game encourages you to do so. You will start with a small room and an easy-to-handle kitchen, with simple dishes for your customers. But little by little you will go forward and make yourself with the best restaurants in the city. That obviously will complicate the business and its management in full.

Urban food kitchen - Fast food

When there is no time for something better, or there is no need to spend half a salary on a meal, fast food is the solution, right? But managing one of these kitchens is not as easy as it seems, and this is what we can see in this alternative that separates us from the conventional restaurant, and from the recipes prepared, to start preparing hot dogs and similar.

Cooking in the Kitchen - For the little ones

The little ones in the house will also have to learn at some point to prepare their own food. This video game is focused on them, so they know how to make the simplest recipes and have fun with it. It may be the next step to the huge selection of children's games that exist for Android phones and are probably for children younger than this title.

Crazy chef

The kitchen is usually a frantic place, when we talk about a restaurant. This video game is about skill, but especially reflexes. Attentive to what they ask you, do it fast and don't get confused because they are waiting for the slightest error on your part. There are not many of your dishes on the menu, but you have to serve them well and just in time if you want to continue advancing in your goals, increasingly superior.

Cooking talent - Is cooking your thing?

Again, time is key. They are going to ask you for dishes from your menu and you have to serve them well, and as quickly as possible. But be careful, because it is not always attended in order of arrival for one reason or another. You are at the stove and also for customer service, so you will have to manage the business well if you want to continue growing within your sector. In addition to addictive, it is a really frantic video game.

Cooking Hot - Quick dishes for your customers

This option follows the format of the previous two. You attend, you cook and you serve. Choose the ingredients of each dish, which you can have already prepared in advance, and serve quickly as customers arrive and make their corresponding orders.

Delicious World - Manage and improve your restaurant

Although with a similar format, this game is completer and more attractive visually. Serve each table with the dishes they ask for, always cooking them yourself beforehand, and improve the equipment and restaurant to grow your business.

Food Truck Chef - Street Food Business

A food truck is not a restaurant, but it is something like a mobile restaurant. Here the frenetismo is equally assured, and your customers are waiting for you to quickly serve them the specialties of your 'restaurant van'. Wherever you go, get everyone to be satisfied with your dishes.

Tasty Chef - Get to be the best chef

Accessing the best restaurants is only available to the best chefs. Are you one of them? Take on the most unknown and small ones first, with easy recipes, and show your skills to be able to manage the most important kitchens in each city.