Download at Amazon Audible: Listen to Audiobooks Offline

Audible is Amazon’s audiobook and podcast service that allows us to find almost 100,000 different titles to listen to on mobile, tablet or computer. Books narrated by famous Spanish voices or exclusive informative podcasts and interviews. And one of the advantages of this format is that you can download books from Audible for offline listening .

Podcasts are good travel companions if you have to spend hours on a plane, for car trips or if you go every day by subway, bus or commuter train to work or to class. But they have a drawback: listening to them online will make us waste data or they will stop working when we do not have coverage (in the subway, for example) and will stop in the middle. Therefore, one of the best options to carry them on your mobile is to have them downloaded.

Download at Amazon Audible

Advantages and disadvantages

As we do with series on Netflix to travel or go out of the house, downloading on Audible has a series of advantages compared to listening to them online.

  • You will not depend on the coverage that is available at that time.
  • You can have the phone in Airplane Mode and they will continue to work.
  • You will not spend on your data rate even if you listen for hours.
  • You don’t need a 3G device for it to work. For example, you can listen to them on your tablet with WiFi if you have downloaded them before.

Not all are advantages, there are also some disadvantages:

  • You will need space on your mobile or tablet and we do not always have it.
  • The options to choose from are fewer, because you will only be able to listen to the podcasts that you have downloaded and not the thousands and thousands of the catalog.
  • You must remember before leaving home, something that does not always happen.

Descargar Audible


Before explaining how to download podcasts or audiobooks on Audible, let’s review some details about the Amazon service: it is worth 9.99 euros per month for any user and you do not have to be an Amazon Prime member. You have a 30-day free trial without obligation and that you can cancel and you have a three-month free trial if you are an Amazon Prime customer. After this time, you choose if you want to stay or cancel the service.

Precio de Audible España

Almost all audiobooks are free, there are thousands of them and in all categories. Although there are also other paid ones that are generally new releases and are not included in the monthly subscription. The latter have a price of 9.99 euros and you can buy them from the web or the app.

Audible is compatible with almost any device. With a web version for browsers on your computer, with Amazon Echo if you have the speaker or with iOS and Android. Specifically, with a version equal to or greater than iOS 13 and with versions equal to or greater than Android 4.4. In addition, it is expected that soon it will also reach Amazon’s Kindle devices to listen to audiobooks.

How to download

The Audible application is free for IOS and Android if you have an account with the service. We simply have to download it from the application store and log in with our Amazon account normally. We will have a series of tabs: Library, News, Statistics, Discover, Configuration … And we can download in Audible to listen offline. You can download podcasts by episodes or full audiobooks.

To download in Audible we simply have to follow a few basic steps:

  • Go to the title you want in the application
  • Open it
  • Go to the episode that interests you if there are several available
  • Tap on the three dots on the right side of the chapter
  • Click on “Download”


After a few seconds, you will have the chapter or audiobook downloaded. It will depend on how long this process takes more or less.

To view downloaded books or podcasts simply go to:

  • Open Audible
  • Go to My Library in the menu on the left
  • Open the Titles section
  • In the top menu, choose “Downloaded”

Here you will see all the different titles that you have downloaded on Audible. For example, several books or podcasts. You can tap on each of them to see how many episodes you can listen to.

Descargar en Audible

Once you have listened to the chapter or book and want to remove it from memory, simply tap on the three dots on the right side and choose “Remove from device”. This will erase it from the mobile memory.

Play the download

The downloaded content can be seen the same as if you had a connection. Playback allows us to add bookmarks in the minutes or seconds that we want to save because we are interested in what it says (similar to turning the corner of the book or pointing at it with a marker) or we can consult the attached files that some audiobooks or podcasts that we listen to have.


It also allows the sleep timer if we are going to go to sleep and we want it to turn off after a few minutes.

Temporizador de Audible

Download quality and settings

Audible allows us to choose the download options to suit what we need: if we want to download always or only with WiFi or the quality of the download so that it takes up more or less space on the mobile.

  • Open Audible
  • Go to the three lines in the upper left corner
  • Open Settings
  • Tap on Download in App Settings

Here we can choose between two quality options:

  • Standard
  • High (The higher the quality, the larger the file)

You can also activate if you want to download always, even if you are using data, or if you want to download only when you are connected to a WiFi network.

Configuración de descargas en Audible

Download by parts

Another thing that Audible allows us is to download in parts. You can choose a single part if you are going to sync between multiple devices, or you can choose multiple parts of the same audiobook or program. You can also mark the option “Continuous playback of several parts”. By activating the button we will make the playback start automatically when you finish a fragment and touch start another. It will be continued.


The last thing that Audible allows us from the downloads and configuration section is to choose the download location: We can do it in the internal memory of the phone or in an SD card that we have in it.