Download Ace Stream, Install and Configure the Player

The consumption of all kinds of multimedia content via streaming , in these times is something that is the order of the day, as many of you already know first hand. For this we need a good Internet connection in addition to certain specific programs such as Ace Stream, which we will see below.

And is that we already talk about music or video content, local playback for many has gone into the background, although it is still important. For these users around the world it is preferable to be able to reach out and play content of this type, but online. Among many other advantages, this allows us to save a significant amount of space on local disk drives. This is because we are going to work with files stored in the cloud, as is evident, so we do not save anything locally, or almost nothing.

Download Ace Stream, Install and Configure

At the same time we must consider that we will have access to them from any place and device, as long as it has a good connection . Well, once we know all this, say that in these same lines we are going to show you how to download and launch a program that has been with us for a few years. Specifically, we are referring to the proposal of this type called Ace Stream that some of you already know.

First of all it should be clear that, as with other similar alternatives, this is a completely legal and legal proposal. For example, it can be used to access own content via streaming, or to view DTT online , among other uses. Then already if it is used for the consumption of content subject to copyright, that is already the responsibility of the users themselves.

How to download Ace Stream quickly and easily

Well, in the event that we have opted for this specific proposal, say that to download the program client we will do it from this link .

Web Ace

This is where we find the shortcut for the download to start on our Windows computer . By clicking on it, a new window appears where we confirm the version of the program with which we are going to do it.

Versión Ace Stream

It is then when the download of the executable as such begins, an 83-megabyte file that acts as an installer like any other program. Therefore we only have to double click on it to start the installation . Also and during it, we have the possibility to specify and specify the components of the program that we want to install on the PC . Typically, we leave it as default and install all of them. Next we just have to specify the destination disk drive, by default, C :.

Componentes instalar

Preliminary testing of the program

Once the installation itself is finished, the wizard shows us an option that invites us to visit the program’s website to test the installed software .

Testear programa

Once we accept that step with the testing option checked, a new window will automatically open in the default browser. Here a counter will start backwards that indicates the time remaining to finish the test.

Página prueba Ace Stream

Once it has finished and we restart the browser session, we will have the opportunity and also install the Ace Stream web extension . Say that this will be useful to get the most out of the application we are talking about. At this point it is worth mentioning that the so-called Ace Script that is installed in our favorite web browser, will help us to have the corresponding support to use scripts in the application later.

Commissioning and first steps with Ace Stream

Say that once we have already taken all the steps mentioned above, we will have the program ready as such to use it in Windows. Therefore, it is located in the Windows Start menu so that we can access its interface directly. Therefore, once we put it into operation and run it on the PC, we find a user interface very similar to that of the mythical VLC but with the use of other colors.

Ace player

But of course, as it is easy to imagine, when running the so-called Ace Player HD , although it may seem we are not facing the aforementioned VLC, but rather we are facing a powerful application for streaming content playback. This is something that we can carry out thanks to the additional functions that developers make available to us. Thus, depending on the content that we are going to use, we can select some of the options that are presented in the Medium menu.

Menú Medio

Here, as we can see first hand, we find several proposals, all of them for content reproduction. Say that from the Ace Stream platform, in addition to accessing online content, we can also play them locally. At this point we only have to opt for Open network dump so that we can enter the corresponding URL of the content that we want to view, for example.

Volcado de red

In the same way we can access the Open Ace Stream Content ID option to be able to upload streaming content for later playback.

Basic Ace Stream setup

It is worth mentioning that in addition to everything discussed, that is, the program that is installed in Windows 10, in its Start menu, and the browser extension, there is still another section. With this what we want to tell you is that the program we are talking about also places a new icon in the Windows system tray. This can be found at first hidden next to the battery or the network connection . Therefore, once we have located them, we will only have to click with the right mouse button on it.

Opciones Ace Stream

For example, when accessing this, in the drop-down list that appears we find the section called Options. This will give us access to a new window that will allow us to configure some of the basic aspects of the program as such.

Configuración Ace Stream

It is worth mentioning that in the window that appears, we will find many parameters to configure the connection . Thus, we will have the possibility to establish the bandwidth limits to use, the values of the Buffer and the cache to be used by Ace Stream, etc.