The Door That Kills in Warzone: Bug in the Salt Mine

The Door That Kills in Warzone

What would Warzone be without its bugs. There are annoying ones, but there are also absolutely hilarious and nonsensical, and today we have one of those with us that will make us laugh more than once. And it is that we are before an indestructible door, or rather, an annihilating door, since we will only have to approach it to fall struck to the ground.

The door that knocks you down

The season 4 Warzone has brought an error peculiar to the map of Verdanks, as many players have been able to prove in their own flesh the fatal reaction that occurs at the get close to one of the doors of one of the buildings of the Salt Mine This door is responsible for knocking down your character just by approaching it, making it impossible to touch it and, much less, to leave the encounter alive.

The only solution is to wait for a partner to revive you and you can continue with the game, but be very careful, because if you get close again you will fall back to the ground. And it doesn’t matter if you have 3 or 5 protection plates, or if you have the Juggernaut himself, the door will take care of taking you to the other sweep in a matter of milliseconds.

What is the problem?

Warzone stadium

At the moment the developers have not commented on it, but many users suspect that this tremendous error must be related to the new red doors, mysterious doors scattered around the map that allow the player to teleport to another place randomly. It is possible that that door is a possible destination and the game code has some serious error that causes this fatal result or, it is simply a random error that has nothing to do with the red doors.

Be that as it may, currently visiting the salt mine is a risky sport, and not only because of the danger of the door itself, but because it is currently the new point of interest in the game (everyone wants to see for themselves the destroying power of the door) the area is mined by players who could make things very difficult for you as soon as you start the game.

More trouble for Warzone

Call of Duty Cold War Season 1

Call of Duty Cold War is leaving an infinity of errors throughout its seasons. There are many glitchs that have affected players week after week, and this only highlights the level of supervision that the game has. Taking into account how enormous each and every section of the game is (multiplayer, zombies, campaign, Warzone…), do you think the developers are working hard in order to launch new seasons without stopping?

The high number of updates and new features that come to the game is a great incentive for users when it comes to establishing a loyal community, and perhaps that is one of the pillars of Warzone’s success, however, surely more than one user would lower the level of updates in order to enjoy a more polished game.