Don’t waste battery using Ubuntu Linux thanks to these changes

We work with the operating system we work with, whether it is Windows to any Linux distribution such as Ubuntu , correct battery management is important in laptops. This is the element that provides us with the corresponding autonomy, so we should configure the system to improve all this.

Many of the regular users of the Microsoft system already know some of the functions especially indicated for it. Similarly, there are many programs specially designed to help us in these tasks. However, those who, for example, have migrated to the Ubuntu Linux distribution and its applications, want to take advantage of their laptop in a similar way. Well, it must be taken into consideration that this open source system also offers us some interesting functionalities in this regard.

Don't waste battery using Ubuntu Linux

Specifically, we refer to the possibility of carrying out certain changes in the software configuration to save battery life. This will allow us to have greater autonomy in the laptop if at that moment we do not have access to the electrical network . In the same way, these configurations can be useful if we take into account that in this type of equipment, autonomy is one of its key points in most cases.

Precisely for all this that we are telling you, it is important that we carry out some changes in the configuration of the open source system. In this way, we can work longer with our computer until we have an electrical outlet at hand. In addition, we can make these changes in a matter of seconds to return to the original state when we need it.

Configure Ubuntu to improve autonomy

The first thing we must take into consideration in this regard is that the system developers offer a series of default parameters. They are effective from the moment we install the system on our computer, but at the same time they are fully configurable.

Therefore, at this point we are going to show you the configuration parameters that you must take into account to save battery life in Ubuntu . The first thing we are going to do is open the Configuration section of the operating system, for example, by right-clicking on the desktop. Here we have the possibility to select precisely Settings. In the new window that opens, specifically in its left panel, we find different categories corresponding to the customization of the system. In the case that concerns us now, we are going to opt for the so-called Energy .

The first thing that we are going to see in the window that opens is the current percentage of battery that we have. Likewise, we have the possibility of leaving that data in view at all times. But in order to increase the autonomy of the laptop, which is what we are looking for now, we should reduce the time for the automatic shutdown of the screen due to inactivity. Keep in mind that the minimum here is one minute.

bateria Ubuntu

We can also carry out this same change with the PC’s full sleep mode. Let’s take a look at the section Suspend automatically. However, this period can be reduced to 15 minutes. Apart from the aforementioned changes, it would also be interesting if we reduced the brightness of the screen as much as possible . This is one of the items that generally consumes the most battery.