Don’t miss these 6 courses to learn Artificial Intelligence

The realm of Artificial Intelligence is experiencing exponential growth in recent months, impacting both large companies and smaller developers seeking to integrate and employ AI-based platforms and services. As a result, numerous developers and end-users alike are eager to learn about this booming technology.

To cater to this growing demand, we are highlighting a series of courses that are bound to be both interesting and useful. Whether it’s beginners venturing into the world of AI or those seeking to specialize in this field, everyone will have a chance to learn.

AI courses

It’s worth noting that AI is of interest to companies across various sectors. Today, we can automate numerous processes via various platforms. In addition to pioneers like ChatGPT, there’s a multitude of AI-focused applications and platforms. Some are seeking employment in these companies to assist in the development process or even pondering creating their own projects.

It’s essential to keep in mind that we’re just at the beginning of what these technologies will offer us in the future. Companies exploring AI want it to be a significant component of the majority of users worldwide shortly. Therefore, having knowledge of this technology can open up an immense number of professional opportunities.

The courses available on AI vary in their level of complexity, cost, and source. The choice depends on what one is looking for in terms of learning and specializing in Artificial Intelligence.

Master in Artificial Intelligence Online from the European University

Let’s start by discussing the master’s degree program on AI offered by the European University, which can be completed entirely online from the comfort of our own homes. This specialized course is designed to provide us with the essential knowledge to lead projects related to AI.

The program focuses on machine learning and intelligent systems, providing students with the necessary skills to contribute to projects that utilize advanced techniques such as data science, deep learning, and machine learning. Additionally, the course covers topics such as voice recognition and virtual assistants, making it an ideal choice for those interested in these areas.

Machine Learning 2022 Neural Networks with Python

In this Udemy course, we have the opportunity to learn about two highly sought-after technologies in the development world: Artificial Intelligence and the Python programming language. A key benefit of this course is that it starts from the very beginning, making it suitable for those who are just starting in the field. By taking this course, we can learn the fundamentals of AI and neural networks, as well as how to work with ML Regressions algorithms, all while utilizing the Python programming language.

Machine learning course

In this instance, our attention is drawn to an immersive course provided by Google that aims to give us a deep understanding of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning. This course has been meticulously crafted by the search engine giant and is intended for those who want to familiarize themselves with these types of technologies.

The course consists of over 20 modules and takes roughly 20 hours to complete. It is packed with numerous resources and learning materials, including video tutorials with experts in the field. Google has also provided us with exercises to monitor our progress, all without any cost to us.

Artificial intelligence from scratch

For those who prefer video-based learning and want to start from the very basics of AI, a free course available on YouTube can be very useful. This course consists of 13 videos that range from 30 to 90 minutes in length, and they aim to introduce viewers to the concepts of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning.

AI youtube

Moreover, we can acquire this knowledge in a practical and engaging manner, as the course provides real-time demonstrations with practical examples.

Modern Artificial Intelligence with Zero Coding

Currently, Udemy, the specialized online learning platform, provides us with an 80% discount on a course that teaches AI fundamentals without requiring any programming knowledge. The main objective of this course is to demonstrate how to solve business issues using Artificial Intelligence by utilizing its various implementation techniques. This will enable us to develop, train and implement AI models across different environments.

AI elements

There are several companies on the internet that offer assistance in learning Artificial Intelligence, one of which is Elements of AI. The course is free and specifically designed for beginners who want to learn about AI. The course consists of 6 lessons and 25 exercises to assess our progress.

AI elements

The course focuses on providing beginners with all the necessary tools to work with AI elements. It aims to introduce us to the basics of AI and is considered one of the best alternatives for those new to this sector.