Don't like the new Firefox download manager? go back to classic

Mozilla Firefox is one of the main web browsers that we can use today. In fact, it is one of the favorites for those who try to take care of their privacy when browsing, although it has certain functions that do not convince many.

Keep in mind that these programs are becoming more widespread and their number of users continues to grow. Therefore, its developers, companies as important as Google, Mozilla or Microsoft , constantly try to improve their projects. This is something that they largely achieve through the updates that they periodically send us. Next, we want to focus on Mozilla’s Firefox browser and one of its most important features.

Don't like the new Firefox download manager

Specifically, we are referring to the integrated download manager that the program makes available to us and that will change shortly. We say all this because the firm plans to change the behavior of downloads in Firefox 97 , a version of the program that will arrive shortly. But this type of change does not completely convince many, but we will have the possibility of restoring the classic download functionality.

And it is that Firefox users who download files, which are the majority, have a download notice when they do so. It shows a series of options to open the file using a specific application, or save it in the system. But as of Firefox 97 the application will no longer show this warning by default. You have to know that the program downloads files automatically when we click on a link for it. The contents are downloaded to the default folder with no option to change the location.

Go back to using the conventional download feature in Firefox

This behavior is identical to that of Chromium browsers, which by the way are the majority. Also, the option to ask where the files are downloaded is still available in Firefox 97, but it is not activated by default, which for many will be a problem. Those who want to use these again will be able to enable it and reset the download prompt . But you have to know that the method is not the same as we were used to in Firefox 96 and earlier versions.

We can say that for the moment we still have the possibility to restore the classic Firefox download method. For all this, Mozilla has added a preference to the advanced configuration of the program in which we can choose between the new system and the classic one for downloads. Of course, we must take into account that it is possible that this preference will be eliminated in the future. To make use of this we just have to load the configuration page from about:config in the address bar .

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On the screen that appears, from the corresponding search box, we access the option . Here we no longer have to double click to change its value. Specifically, if we see it as True, it means that the new download behavior is active. Thus, we change it to False to return to the classic Firefox. In addition, for the changes to take effect, it is not even necessary to restart the browser.