Don't get scammed on eBay, avoid scammers

When it comes to making all kinds of purchases over the internet, we have a multitude of stores and platforms that offer us a wide range of products. One of the best known is eBay, a website that many of you surely know, initially focused on auctions.

This is a platform for buying and selling all kinds of products that has been with us for a good number of years. Initially we know it as a website in which auctions are held from all the countries of the globe in which we can participate. But at the same time, products are sold directly with a fixed price that we can accept or not.

Don't get scammed on eBay, avoid scammers

One of the main advantages that eBay offers us is that any of us can become sellers. This way we can get extra money with products that we no longer want or need and put on sale. As it could not be otherwise, this is a platform that offers us everything we need to facilitate both purchases and sales here. But just like anyone can become a seller, unsurprisingly, scammers are rife as well. We are talking about users in the form of sellers trying to take advantage of buyers and take their money.

In fact, this has been a fairly common practice on eBay for some time, a scourge that its top managers want to eliminate, although without being able to do so completely. Precisely for all this, they make some functions available to us in order to avoid these frauds and scams through their buying and selling platform.

Stop scammers from tricking you on eBay

Next, we are going to talk about a simple method that will allow you, to a large extent, to avoid these scammers who try to deceive us with their sales . First of all we will tell you that among the most common illegal practices here we find that they never send us the product for which we have paid. It may also be the case that we receive counterfeits or products that do not correspond 100% to their original description .

Therefore, one of the tricks that should be very useful when it comes to determining and knowing how to distinguish a scammer from a legitimate seller, is to look at their profile . Specifically, we are referring to the ratings that other buyers in the past have given this seller. It is important to know that when a buyer purchases a product from a certain user, they have the opportunity to assess the transaction itself. Basically, what is done is to value positively or negatively the sales process.

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Here elements as important as shipping speed, the veracity of the product description, communication with the seller or shipping costs come into play. The auction page itself, eBay, provides us with a percentage of general satisfaction. This refers to the hundreds or thousands of buyers from that seller in the past. Generally this percentage is between 95 and 100% satisfaction or positive votes.

Below those percentage values of positive votes we should begin to distrust. Obviously, the number of votes received also comes into play here. In addition, in the event that we are not completely sure, we can also click on that link corresponding to the votes. This way we can break down the ratings and comments of other users. In this way and in a matter of seconds we can rule out those prone to scams and scams.