Don't do this or your Mac will die.

Macs are computers that are designed to work and to improve our productivity. However, we can make mistakes that can cause your Mac to gradually break down until it causes a certain component to break. In this post, we are going to see how to avoid damaging your Mac with simple tips.

Don't do this or your Mac will die.

Avoid overheating on Mac

When we are carrying out complex work processes that require high graphics load and processor power, it is possible that the Mac reaches very high temperatures, even reaching thermal throttling . If we raise the temperature of the equipment from time to time, nothing happens, but if you dedicate yourself to complex tasks of graphic design, rendering or video export, regularly causing such overheating can be lethal. For this, there are very simple solutions and that we will see below.

Macbook pro M2

External cooling monitor and MacsFanControl

First of all, you can buy a cooling table that complements the dissipation of the internal fans of the MacBook Pro to reduce its temperature, improving the useful life of the internal components and working much more smoothly. In addition, this accessory allows you to work in a much more comfortable position with your Mac and if you connect it to an external monitor, it will improve its temperature.

Macs fan control Secondly, you can download the MacsFan Control application, which allows you to control the Mac’s fans. This application is free, although it has a paid version. The application has the autonomy that you want to give it, since you can set it to start automatically as soon as you start your MacBook or use it at times that the user deems appropriate. If you click on the application you will see the speed at which the fan rotates per monitor and the maximum speed it could go. However, a second option is to set the fan speed based on the sensor, where you can determine at what times you want the fan to increase speed based on values such as GPU or CPU.

Control your applications and files

There are many applications that start when you turn on your computer every day. At first, it may seem like an advantage, but if they accumulate, it can be a problem that requires resources, which means that it can even crash on power-up.

Mac mini M2

To deactivate these applications, you have to go to System Settings and within them, access background items that applications have when they start. If you want to eliminate these items, you have to go to the secondary items window where a button appears that allows you to deactivate these options.

MacBook Air

The presence of many login and background apps can slow down your computer a lot, but it can even damage the internal storage drive in the long run. In addition to damaging the startup disk, it can also overwhelm your Mac’s RAM, especially if you have the starter versions that include 8 GB of memory.

Working with a lot of files on a daily basis can cause your hard drive to fill up progressively. The consequence of this is that with a full storage, all the Mac processes will run slowly or close unexpectedly and it may even cause the storage to crash and all files to be lost. We have the same situation with the desktop if we have many files, since apart from giving a worse visual aspect, it also loads our hardware unnecessarily.