Don’t be fooled: tricks not to buy a pirated Windows PC

It is very possible that on more than one occasion we have found ourselves faced with the situation of having to buy a new computer. Generally we are going to choose a PC that already has a pre-installed Windows operating system , although we should also make sure that it is completely legitimate and legal.

We must take into consideration that the system we are talking about is going to be with us for a good number of years giving us service. That is why it is most recommended that we have our own license to update and maintain it properly. However, sometimes this is not going to be as easy as you might expect at first, we mean that they provide us with a legal Windows with the new equipment.

tricks not to buy a pirated Windows PC

Keep in mind that sometimes we can find computers that come with an unopened Windows, or with keys that only last a few days, or simply pirated. This is something that can become a serious inconvenience, since in order to use the system in its entirety and update it, we will need a personal password. This will force us to buy a Windows license so we will have to pay more than 100 or 200 euros, depending on the edition we need.

But before we get the disappointment of finding a computer with a pirated Windows , we can take certain precautionary measures. This is something that we are going to talk about next in order to avoid future disappointments.

Where to buy the PC with a legal Windows

The first thing to do in consideration is the place where we buy the computer . We have all come across small stores or Internet pages that offer us extraordinary offers. Generally, if these offers are a bit suspicious to us, they probably are. Therefore, we must distrust these stores, both online and physical, which already do not provide us with enough confidence.

Windows 10 sin clave de activación

One of the most interesting solutions in this regard to ensure that we have a Windows with its corresponding password, is to make use of large surfaces. When we speak of large surfaces we also refer to sufficiently recognized stores that offer us a guarantee and reliability. However, at the same time, we buy the PC where we buy it, we must also make sure that we buy it sealed . This ensures that it has not been tampered with by previous customers in the past who, for example, have appropriated the Windows key.

On the other hand, something that as a general rule is extended to most technological products, as far as possible we should avoid the second-hand market . This is not to say that they are all hoaxes in this regard. But buying a computer, especially if it is high-end, is something important and delicate. Due to all this it is advisable to opt for a reliable seller who offers us a guarantee, the rest is to take risks.

Finally, we will tell you that when we surf the internet we can find web pages that give us computers just by clicking on a link. This is something that we must also avoid at all costs, no longer to have a valid Windows license , that computer will never reach us, but rather to avoid malware on the current PC. Therefore, all of this is what we should avoid:

  • Stores and websites that do not offer a guarantee.
  • Equipment that is not sealed from origin.
  • Offers too exaggerated.
  • Second-hand market to buy a PC.