Dolby On Download iOS and Android: Record at the Best Quality from Your Mobile

We have already commented on more than one occasion that mobile phones have become real walking offices thanks to the potential of the processors they assemble. The internal hardware of today’s models have allowed the creation of new functions and applications that were not possible before, and a clear example is that of Dolby On .

The portable music studio

Dolby On Download iOS and Android

Surely on more than one occasion you have seen a video of a concert recorded from a mobile phone. The sound quality is usually quite poor due to the volume of the venue and the revelry, so the results are usually quite disastrous. What if you could have an application that was in charge of improving the sound without doing anything?

That is more or less what Dolby On does , since the Dolby application is capable of capturing the sound and saving or retransmitting it perfectly calibrated and equalized, allowing the user to achieve an excellent recording without being complicated by complicated programs or advanced settings. .

The application has been available in the early access phase, but it has not been until now when the company has released the definitive version of the service for all users. The software is responsible for recording video and audio, eliminating background noise, applying spatial audio effects and configuring equalization automatically.

Record and share

Dolby On

The idea is just that. You just have to record to start sharing automatically instantly. In fact, the application includes the possibility of broadcasting to Twitch or via RTMP so that we can send the recording live to platforms such as YouTube. This function of sharing through external services finally comes to Android after being available on iOS.

Thanks to Dolby’s dynamic equalization and spatial audio settings, recorded tracks are perfectly calibrated in pitch and space, plus they are cleaned of external noise to keep the track as sharp as possible. Even so, if you prefer, you can also make some adjustments manually, in addition to being able to trim the audio wherever you want to share only the extract that interests you.

You will only have to open the application, hit the record button and decide through which service or application you want to share the audio track so that your voice reaches another person with the best quality as soon as possible.

Perfect for recording podcasts

Dolby On

Another interesting function in which we can use this tool is when recording podcasts. If you need to do some kind of spoken intervention and don’t have a professional microphone nearby, with Dolby On you can get great results to deliver a clean and clear audio track that can be perfectly used in a podcast.

Best of all, Dolby On is completely free and you can download it right now through the iOS app store or the Google App Store.