Does your full or empty fridge use more electricity?

If you want to save on your electricity bill, something you should control is the fridge and freezer. It is something that consumes a lot, since it is constantly on, so adjusting it properly can help you pay less. In this article we ask a question: Does a full or empty fridge consume more? We are going to talk about it and we will tell you what you can do to spend a little less each month.

A full fridge uses less electricity

Does your full or empty fridge use more electricity

Keep in mind that anything you put in the fridge or freezer will take time to cool down. That will make the appliance consume resources. But once it has cooled down, having a full fridge will cause us to use less electricity than if we have it fairly empty.

Why is this happening? The more air there is inside, the more exchange there will be every time we open the door . Therefore, an empty fridge will let cold air escape when you open the door and there will be more mixing with the outside air, which will be at a higher temperature. If that fridge is very full, the air exchange is less since food keeps cold longer than air.

Therefore, if you doubt whether the fridge really spends less when it is emptier or more full, the second option is best. You can always distribute all the food you have in the refrigerator well and avoid having large empty spaces. The goal is that they can act as a barrier every time you open the door and let less hot air in while letting less cold air out .

Obviously this has its nuances and it will not be the same in all cases. It will also depend on how many times you open the door, if you renew the food inside or not, the type of products you have inside, etc.

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Typical tips to save electricity with the fridge

After explaining that a full fridge uses less electricity, we want to give some common recommendations to save on your bill. You can take into account some small changes with which to try to spend less resources and save money each month when using the refrigerator.

A very important recommendation is to prevent the door from being open for as little time as possible. Try not to open it many times throughout the day and, each time you open it, don’t keep it open for a long time. It is just at that moment when more energy is going to be used, since it has to recover the lost temperature.

You should also avoid putting hot food . You can take advantage of thermal inertia and defrost food inside the refrigerator, as this will help save energy by taking advantage of the cold it gives off. It’s a good idea if you’re not in too much of a rush for something to thaw.

Another key tip is that you adjust the temperature well . You don’t need the fridge to be less than 5 degrees, nor do you need the freezer to be less than -18 degrees. Also, if you place it correctly, away from heat sources, you can also spend less.

In short, as you can see, having a full fridge will use less energy than if you have it empty. However, you can take into account the advice we have given to spend even less on your electricity bill each month. If you don’t have internet problems and your fridge is smart, you can control it remotely.