Does the iPhone MagSafe affect people's health?

MagSafe is back to stay. Starting with the iPhone 12, the Cupertino company once again rescued this functionality that was classically found on MacBooks in the past, to guarantee charging safety. But, although among the functions that MagSafe offers, it seems that everything is very positive, but it also has negative aspects. In this article we analyze the health problems that iPhones have MagSafe technology can cause.

Does the iPhone MagSafe affect people's health

Do you have a pacemaker? Keep the iPhone away from your chest

Due to the proliferation of heart disease, many people today have a pacemaker to ensure that the heart has a constant rhythm. But while this is a really useful device that has extended the lives of many heart patients, it is really sensitive to electromagnetism . It is quite typical that when a patient with this system in his heart wants to go through a security arch, he cannot do so. This is because the exposure of these devices to electromagnetism can end up compromising, changing the rhythm of the heart and can be fatal for the patient.

This is something that can happen with an iPhone 12 or 13. Keep in mind that MagSafe is “simply” a magnet that is located on the back of the device. And of course, it has magnetism to attract other magnets or ferromagnetic metals. That is why, following the above logic, we are dealing with a magnet that can interfere with a pacemaker and therefore affect a person’s health. And although it may seem that the magnet that gives life to MagSafe may be very insignificant, it still has this physical characteristic and has been seen to affect cardiac patients with pacemakers.

Surely nothing has to happen to you

And although it may seem alarming that an iPhone 12 or 13 can damage a person’s pacemaker, the truth is that there are certain tips that absolutely nothing will happen if they are followed. After the investigation of different scientists in this regard, and the presence of some related cases, Apple reported certain recommendations that must be followed to avoid problems of this type and that can become serious in people with pacemakers.

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Apple’s support website is the one that integrates these recommendations that are really important in these cases. Specifically, it is recommended that both the iPhone and accessories that have MagSafe be kept at a safe distance. In this case, it is considered safe to have it 15 cm away from the chest , or 30 cm if the device is being charged . This will cause both pacemakers and defibrillators to have their sensors that respond to these magnets altered.

In conclusion, MagSafe for both iPhone and accessories can affect a patient with a pacemaker or automatic defibrillator due to its electromagnetism. Although, you can keep a distance from the device in order to prevent it from interfering with the sensors of the medical equipment.