Does the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 break? Resistance test

Does the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 break

Samsung has unveiled its latest flexible display flagship, the Galaxy Z Fold3, as the toughest and most robust of its foldable mobile line to date. The smartphone sports a screen with a high refresh rate, a better processor, an improved design and even IPX8 certification, being one of the first smartphones, along with the Z Flip3, to boast this protection against external agents.

JerryRigEverything’s Zach Nelson has just published a new video that lets us know if these improvements make him, as the brand boasts, the most resistant mobile with a flexible screen on the market. Obviously, and we already tell you that the smartphone is not invincible, as almost no modern phone is, but it supports surprisingly well blows, bends and all the torture that good Zach is used to applying on smartphones.

A surprisingly tough mobile

The new main display of the Z Fold is an AMOLED panel overlaid with ultra-thin glass and a seemingly mandatory screen protector, and is therefore unable to withstand the normal Mohs hardness test of the test. But in other respects the smartphone comes off very well.

For example, the new OEM “Armor Aluminum” frame appears more resistant to attack with a razor blade than normal. Nelson also shoved a handful of dirt, sand, and small stones specifically into the foldable and folded it to force abrasions across the screen as much as possible. However, the device remains fully functional even after being encased in material for which it does not have an official protection rating.

resistance fold 3

Ultimately, the Z Fold3 refused to break in half, even in response to an attempt to bend it the wrong way, into a beast, staying powered up and seemingly in pristine condition despite some mysterious noises from the phone inside. It seems that the new hinge responds perfectly.

So this new Galaxy Z Fold3 endurance video is good proof that Samsung has managed to bring to life the toughest folding flagship on the market to date. It is difficult to uphold Samsung’s claims that its new foldable is “80% harder to break” compared to its predecessor under these conditions, but it is clear that it is much better and more satisfactorily resists all these tortures.

Now it remains to be seen what happens with the new Z Flip3, the other Samsung smartphone that boasts the same certification but a much lower price.