Does Linux show wrong date and time? fix it forever

We work with the operating system that is and we have chosen the distribution of Linux that we like the most, we always want its operation to be almost perfect. We achieve this by correctly configuring this software, although we must also do our part.

Generally, the vast majority of operating systems offer us a good number of customizable functions with which to adapt them to what we need. In fact, we can say that at the moment the different Linux distributions offer us a good number of functions to customize the system. All this refers both to the external aspect and to the functional aspect of Linux.

Linux show wrong date and time

With everything and with it there are certain sections to which we do not give enough importance until they stop working correctly. They are basic elements that are part of any operating system and that we take for granted that they will always be there offering their services. But unfortunately this is not always the case. There are certain occasions in which functions or basic modes of behavior fail , which directly affects the rest of the software.

That is precisely what we want to talk about next in any Linux distribution if, for some reason, something as basic as the date and time starts to fail . At first it may seem inconsequential, but the truth is that a wrong date and time in an operating system is not recommended at all. This is something that can indirectly affect many sections of it, as well as the behavior of the applications that we have installed.

But this is something that we can avoid once and for all and that will not happen again, as we will see below.

Make Linux date and time not fail again

The first thing to keep in mind is that this is a basic parameter in the open source operating system, which we can configure manually. At the same time there are certain uses or programs that can vary this element at will, which is not recommended. In case we want to change the system date and time by hand , let’s see how to do it.

It is enough that we click with the right mouse button on the Linux desktop and select the Configuration section, for example. This will give us access to a complete window in which we can access a multitude of software settings. Here we look for the section called precisely Date and time, in which we click.

hora manual Linux

This will allow us to set our time zone at that moment, as well as tell the operating system the exact date and time manually. But as we indicated before, sometimes this is modified without us realizing it for some reason. Also, if we travel a lot we would have to be constantly changing this parameter. Therefore, we recommend that you make a change in the Linux configuration so that you don’t worry about this section forever.

At the top of the window that we mentioned before corresponding to its Settings, we find a parameter called Automatic date and time . Well, in the case that concerns us we will only have to mark it so that the open source software itself is in charge of keeping this data always correctly updated.

fecha  automática Linux