Do you sell your car? Be careful with Android Auto

Be careful with Android Auto

Among the range of services that Google has at your disposal on your mobile phone is Android Auto , the intelligent navigation system designed by the American company. This is currently available in a huge number of vehicles that are sold and used on a daily basis.

As with any other software, Android Auto collects all kinds of information , including personal data. This is because when we use the system we connect our smartphone or that of another passenger in the car. This is the main reason why you should be careful if you sell your car, as it can generate various problems that are not related to its operation.

What type of information

Privacy is a fundamental element in the highly digitized world in which we live. That is why no one wants to make a serious mistake by leaking their data to a certain number of people.

Problemas y soluciones Android Auto

Google’s navigation software is no exception, because if you are not careful when selling your car, you can reveal personal information such as: your name, address, location history, telephone number … Very sensitive data that no one should be aware of. aware if you are not a trusted person.

Depending on the make of the vehicle, information such as your contacts or the calendar can also be revealed. The latter, if it is still synchronized with other devices, may contain the activities that you have indicated.

How can it be solved

When you sell any device you have to format it so that it does not contain personal files that the other person can access, a car is not the case that breaks the rule. Therefore, this problem has several really simple solutions. An insurance expert has made public the steps you must follow to eliminate any information gap in your vehicle.

  • Delete all Bluetooth paired devices.
  • Log out of all applications. Check beforehand that your data is not completed automatically when entering.
  • Delete contacts and call history.
  • Delete saved addresses.
  • Check your car’s manual for more information about your specific vehicle or to format the factory system.

android auto coche

A more direct option is to go to the dealer where you bought the car and ask them to restore Android Auto to factory settings. This will avoid any problems or errors that you may have overlooked. With all this you should already be able to sell your car without any consequences in the future.