Do not open emails from these brands, they will attack you

One of the techniques most used by hackers to scam are Phishing attacks. Basically what they do is impersonate the identity of a company, for example, so that the victim falls into the trap and thus steal passwords, data or infect the system. Now, what brands are the most used to scam ? We echo a report that shows which are the companies that supplant the most. We will also give advice to avoid security problems.

Favorite Business Brands for Phishing

Do not open emails from these brands

Phishing usually arrives by email. We receive an e-mail from a supposed brand, a service that we use, indicating that there is a problem or that we must do something. But of course, by clicking on the link we are actually entering a fake site, created by attackers to steal information.

According to a report by Vade , the world leader in e-mail security, the most widely supplanted brand today is Microsoft . It is a favorite of hackers to try to scam users through email. One of its goals is to compromise Microsoft 365 accounts. It is something that affects both companies and organizations as well as home users. They can sneak malware, steal passwords, confidential information…

The second brand on Vade’s list is Facebook . Without a doubt, it is a very important social network on a global level and cybercriminals know that. They use it as bait, to make the victim believe that it really is a secure e-mail. For example, they often use tricks such as an alleged unread message, an alleged photo where they have tagged us, and similar things.

Another brand that is at the top of Vade’s list is WhatsApp . It is another of the most used platforms worldwide and therefore attackers use it to scam. They can launch attacks based on this messaging program. Sometimes they send supposed updates, for example.

The brands of the main banks of each country are also widely supplanted. It is a classic of Phishing attacks and we must always avoid falling into the trap. Something similar happens with parcel brands.

Trucos para evitar ataques Phishing

What to do to avoid problems

Does this mean that if we receive an email from any of these brands it will be a scam? Not necessarily, but it is likely. We are talking about the fact that they are the most used by cybercriminals to launch Phishing attacks, so if you receive an e-mail supposedly from one of these companies, you should at least take precautions.

Something essential is to maintain common sense and not make mistakes . Avoid downloading files that may come attached to this type of email if you do not know 100% that they are reliable. A simple text document or an image can be the entry point for malware and put your computer at risk.

It is also interesting that you have security programs . A good antivirus can help detect malicious files and programs that may be fraud. Always install applications of this type, no matter what operating system you use.

In short, as you can see, these are the most used brands in Phishing attacks that arrive by e-mail. It is important that you avoid opening emails of this type that could be a scam and take precautions.