Do not let anyone steal your Twitch account, activate this function

The online platforms that allow us to transmit all kinds of video and audio content through the Internet have not stopped growing in recent times. A clear example of all this can be found on Twitch, a service used by a huge number of users who share all kinds of experiences in real time.

We can also see recorded videos belonging to all kinds of topics, although one of the main ones here is video games . With everything and with it, this is a platform that little by little has been spreading among all kinds of users who share the most varied content, as well as personal experiences. As it could not be otherwise, one of the main objectives here is to offer interesting streaming to the rest of the users so that they follow us regularly.

Do not let anyone steal your Twitch account

In fact, they can use the reward system to thank our transmissions in some way. Having some success here, as it happens on YouTube, for example, is not easy. However, we have already seen that a huge number of people are trying to make a place for themselves in this growing streaming market. To be a successful streamer on Twitch and other similar platforms, many factors come into play. Obviously the first thing is the type of content you offer, as well as your way of offering it to the rest of the world.

Initially, for all this, what you need is to have an active account on the platform, and hardware of acceptable quality . Once we have all this clear, it may be the case that we begin to accumulate an interesting number of followers and our account begins to be known. Even if it is not, we should protect it as much as possible so that no one can hack or steal it from us.

Enable this feature to protect your Twitch account

Therefore, we are going to show you a security measure that you can take advantage of on the streaming platform to prevent anyone from hacking your account . It is true that by default we add an access password that must be entered in order to access our personal account. However, as happens on many occasions, this security measure is not enough.

Next, we are going to show you how you can protect it much better on Twitch by activating two-factor authentication . For all this, the first thing we do is enter our platform account and click on our user to access its configuration window. At the top we will find several sections to personalize the use of this video service. In the case at hand, we opted for the Security and privacy option.

seguridad twitch

At this section we just have to click on the Edit two-step authentication button. Here we can already select the method that interests us, either with a specific application, or with a message to the mobile , for example. This is just an extra layer of protection for our Twitch account. It will be very useful in case the password has been leaked on the internet. In fact, many of the current platforms and applications that require a password have this additional authentication system as a security measure.

autenticación twitch