Do not enter these types of websites if you do not have a VPN

When you enter the Internet you will find certain web pages that can manage sensitive information. For example personal data, banking information, important files that you are going to share with someone, etc. If you connect from dangerous networks, it is very important that you do so through a VPN. In this article we are going to show what type of pages you should avoid if you do not have a VPN installed.

Websites to avoid without VPN

Do not enter these types of websites if you do not have a VPN

Not using VPN means that you are going to browse directly through the Wi-Fi network to which you are connected. You may be in a mall, an airport, or any restaurant. That network can be very dangerous. An attacker could have created it simply to steal data . The information you send and receive while browsing can get into their hands, so what a VPN does is encrypt all of that.

Web pages to buy

Without a doubt, something that you should not do is make a purchase on the Internet on a public network without having a VPN installed. There you will put bank details, such as your card, as well as register on platforms or use the mail to validate that purchase. All of that could be compromised if you access dangerous sites.

Therefore, our advice is to install a good VPN in these cases. It does not matter if you are going to make a purchase from your mobile or through a computer. In both cases it is necessary that you connect with more protection and thus avoid many security problems.

Problema si se apaga la VPN

Banking sites

Another case in which you should not enter a web page without a VPN is when you are going to access your bank account . There logically you will have to put important data, such as the access password. A hypothetical intruder could gain access if you do not take precautions when entering.

You can apply the same if you are going to access through the bank application from your mobile. In that case you should also have a VPN, since you will still have to connect and you may be leaking information without your knowledge. Do not take risks in this regard.

Social media

Social networks are platforms where we can share a lot of information with third parties. For example simply send a private message . But we are also going to have to log in and enter personal data. All of that could leak out if you’re on an insecure network. Although it is true that nowadays these platforms have their own encryption to avoid these problems, there can always be leaks.

Once again, our advice is to use Facebook, Twitter or any social network through a VPN if you are going to be on an unreliable network. For example, if you are going to communicate from a Wi-Fi at an airport, make sure that you have protected your equipment and the connection will be encrypted.

Platforms to host content

Another type of services that you should avoid without VPN if you use an insecure Wi-Fi network are content hosting platforms. We are talking about services similar to Dropbox, where you are going to upload files to share with other people. But you should especially avoid pages that do not use encryption and can become compromised on these networks.

But this should be applied in any case in which you are going to share something over the Internet. You should always make sure that you are on a secure network and if you have any doubts you can always install a VPN to avoid taking risks.

In short, these are some of the top sites you shouldn’t browse without a VPN whenever you’re on a potentially dangerous Wi-Fi network. You must take into account factors such as the monthly limit of a VPN, but you must choose a program that is guaranteed.