Do not buy! Best free apps to adopt a dog

Having a pet at home is something that can change your life. It is true that it is a very big responsibility, but a dog is an animal capable of giving us a lot of love and company, and it is worth putting one in our lives. There is the option to buy, but it is always much better to adopt, since in this way we will be giving a home to dogs that do not have one. If you are looking to adopt one of these animals, we give you 5 apps that you can use for it .

A dog can also come in handy for children, since in this way we can teach them from an early age the importance of responsibilities , in addition to the fact that it is very fun to play with one of these animals. Don’t think twice and use one of these apps to adopt one of these furry friends.

Best free apps to adopt a dog

Miwuki Pet Shelter

If you are looking to adopt a dog or almost any other animal, Miwuki Pet Shelter is an app that you should definitely check out . In this application we will be able to find thousands of pets that need a new home, so we will not have to search in different places to adopt.

As we say, not only can you find dogs to adopt , but you can also search for cats, pigs, ferrets or rabbits, just to name a few examples. The app is totally free, so give it a try if you’re looking to adopt a dog for your home.

Adopt me

AdoptaMe is one of the simplest options we can find to adopt dogs. All we have to do is register in the app , and with that alone a large number of animals will appear that need to find someone to adopt them.

The app has a series of filters so that our search is more refined from the first moment. We will be able to see photographs of the animals, as well as other information that may interest us such as the size, the breed of the dog or even its tastes.



Another great app to adopt dogs and also cats is Klygo. This app is very simple and intuitive, and it will not cost us more than a couple of minutes to get hold of it. The app will show us all the animals that are close to us that are looking for adoption, and will allow us to contact both the center and the individual who has the dog for adoption .

The search tool that the application has will make it easier for us to find the ideal dog for us. We will be able to filter and categorize the animals by location, age, distance and other factors. The app has its own integrated chat to be able to contact, as we have said before, with the person or shelter that is in charge of the animal.


Amazdog is much more than an application to adopt dogs . Of course, with it we can find dogs that need adoption, but the app will help us search and find many more things related to dogs.

This app will allow us to find, for example, hotels where we can stay with our pet, or beaches with access for dogs . In addition, the app has a wallet where we can save all the information about our pet on our phone.



We close this list of apps to adopt dogs with Chuby, a very simple app that is also ideal for adopting dogs . The app, according to its description in the Google Play Store, is designed to put people who are looking for a home for animals in contact with people who are looking for a pet.

The app will show us all the information that we are going to need about the pets , such as age, size, color, location, breed or personality, just to give a few examples. In addition, we will also have a series of filters to narrow the search and find a pet much faster.