DJI Pocket 2: Price and Features of the Pocket 4K Camera

DJI Pocket 2: Price and Features

The new generation of the DJI Osmo Pocket is here, and unsurprisingly, it is still an extremely small camera that invites you to take it everywhere to enjoy perfectly stabilized recording with the possibility of recording in 4K format.

New DJI Pocket 2

DJI Pocket 2

Formerly known as Osmo Pocket, the brand has decided to simplify its name to a simple and clear Pocket 2 . Like the previous generation, the device mounts a 3-axis stabilizer that is responsible for keeping the integrated camera perfectly balanced, being able to capture both photos and videos without fear of shaking or sudden movements.

The main novelty is inside, since the included sensor is now larger in size, being capable of recording video in 4K and arriving accompanied by a more angular lens that will allow you to capture more of what you have around you. The captor now becomes 1 / 1.7 inches , and its total resolution is 64 megapixels , a resolution that will allow you to zoom in 8x thanks to the cuts that it is capable of applying.


DJI Pocket 2

But in addition to being more technically capable, the included software includes a large number of improvements that will allow you to capture with one hand, since we can do the classic 180-degree panoramas without having to move and even chase people or objects in the plane thanks to the new ActiveTrack 3.0 technology.

Very compact and very complete

DJI Pocket 2

Although the body remains almost intact compared to the previous version, some very interesting changes have been included, such as the incorporation of a small control joystick that will allow us to manage the orientation of the camera at all times.

In addition, they have also taken care of the appearance of the audio, since the incorporation of several microphones allows capturing stereo audio, and even adjusting the direction of the audio depending on where the camera is pointing. Thus, the camera is able to intensify the sound when zooming to certain scenes. In addition, the camera has a great list of accessories, from a wireless microphone with protection against the sight, an extra grip for comfort, a shit case, a wide angle lens and many more products that you can buy separately.

How much?

This new DJI Pocket 2 can be purchased from the manufacturer’s official website for a price of 369 euros, and you can also opt for the creators pack, whose price amounts to 509 euros and includes the wireless microphone, the wireless transmitter, the lens. wide angle, the grip and a mini tripod, everything you need for your youtuber skills.

Once again, this DJI Pocket 2 is positioned as an extremely interesting option to consider, not only for daily and personal recording, but also as one of the best action cameras of the moment (although to get it in the mud you will have to purchase the protective case, which is sold separately).