Discover the 6 functions to improve Android mobile security

There are many things you can do to keep your mobile much more protected with Android, although some of them may not be known to you or are too recent for you to have been able to try.

For this reason, we are going to tell you about some of the most interesting functions that will help you make your mobile phone more secure and prevent any app or service from violating your privacy or the security of your data. Do you want to know what they are?

6 functions to improve Android mobile security

Your smartphone more secure with these functions

Android has many tools for your privacy and security. In fact, with each new update they work to improve it so that you have control of everything. These are the must-have features you need to know today to make sure your phone and data aren’t in jeopardy. Get to know them now!

Activate incognito mode

If you activate the incognito mode in your browser or in Google Maps, you can consult the Internet pages and services you want without tracking your activity or saving your browsing data.

busquedas de Google mas seguras y privadas

You just have to create a new incognito tab to access it and so your searches are more private. You can enter from the browser, in the 3 points, or in the search bar by clicking on the icon of your profile to search for this option.

Your clipboard information more secure

The information you save on the clipboard will be more protected to keep your personal data safe. In Android 13, you receive an alert every time an app accesses it , and also its history is deleted from time to time in order to avoid unwanted access.

Check special permissions

Check the Special Permissions section of your mobile to find out if there is an application that is having extra permissions or that could put your mobile in danger. Sometimes we rush to accept permissions to use an app without realizing how dangerous this is. Therefore, it does not hurt that you review the permissions that the apps have, especially those that you do not know. Special permissions and sensitive actions are found in the Privacy Protection section.


You can also check the settings of your mobile, in the Privacy option to see which apps have access to your location, to find out if there is any that can know where you are at all times without you being aware of it.

Regarding permissions, the new function that removes permissions when you haven’t used an app for a long time will be very useful to protect yourself, so we do not recommend that you disable it unless it is in a trusted app that you do not use much.

Don’t let him show the passwords

If you don’t want someone to see your password while you’re typing it or to be easily intercepted, you can turn this option off. Go to the privacy options of your mobile and deactivate the Show passwords function.


Don’t be fooled by that app with Google Play Protect

When downloading applications, some with malware can sneak in , so you should control what you download and not do it if you have many complaints or negative opinions. In addition, you have to do it from the application store, since it is more secure.

configurar google play protect

With the security of Google Play Protect, you will be sure that the applications you install are trustworthy and that they are not designed to trick you. From Google Play, you will be able to see if it has found harmful apps and when it has done a scan . You can also give yourself to Analyze. In the settings you can confirm if you want to analyze the apps and improve the detection of harmful apps.

Photo picker in Android 13

With the Android 13 Photo Picker, you can share only the photos and videos you want with certain apps. You no longer have to share your entire library or allow them access to content that you want to keep private.