Differences Between Incognito Mode and VPN for Privacy

When browsing the net, privacy should be a factor that is always present. Unfortunately today there are many techniques that can be used to collect personal information. They could obtain data from the sites we visit, services or platforms we use. Now, it is also a reality that we can make use of different methods and tools to protect ourselves. In this article, we are going to talk about the differences between the browser’s incognito mode and using a VPN when it comes to privacy.

Differences between incognito mode and VPN for privacy

The browser is a fundamental piece that is part of our day to day online. We can suffer attacks if we surf unprotected, but we could also expose personal information simply by entering a web page.

Differences Between Incognito Mode and VPN for Privacy

To prevent our data from being filtered, we can make use of multiple tools and functions . Many users opt for the incognito mode of the browser. This is something that is present in most browsers. But there is also the possibility of using a VPN.

Now, each of these two possibilities are different. It is true that in both cases our privacy can improve, but not in the same way. Let’s see how each of them works.

Incognito mode to improve privacy

The private mode of the browser is an option that is available in browsers such as Firefox or Chrome. It allows you to enter web pages without registering certain information related to navigation.

For example, incognito mode is used so that cookies or browsing history are not stored . It does not store anything in memory and once we close the window, everything remains as if we had not entered.

This is interesting, for example, to log into a computer where we do not want the saved data to remain. In the same way that we can open an incognito window to have two email accounts from the same provider open, for example.

It should also be noted that it does not store passwords or allow the use of form auto-completion.

However, it should be noted that it does not hide the IP address, nor does it establish secure and encrypted connections, and it also does not prevent the pages from collecting information. In another article we talked about the security of incognito mode.

Usar Tor y VPN

Use a VPN to browse more private

On the other hand we have the VPN tools . They also serve to improve privacy, but in this sense in a different way. We can say that they are more oriented in the connection itself and not at the system or browser level.

A VPN will hide our IP address when we surf the Internet. It will encrypt the connections, something that is very interesting when we connect through public networks where we want to improve privacy.

Also, a VPN service can prevent tracking when we surf the net. In this way we will avoid receiving targeted advertising, for example. You can see a list of the best VPNs.

In short, as we see there are differences between browsing in incognito mode and using a VPN. In both cases, privacy will improve, but each in its own way.