Differences Between an Octa-core and Quad-core Processor

The technology that is integrated in mobile phones has been advancing by leaps and bounds, even every so often manufacturers and developers continue to surprise us with new developments and features. In addition, the competition between the different brands makes us users benefit in terms of hardware and operating systems, or as is the case that we will see today, in the processors.

Today, there are many features and technologies that make a mobile stand out from others. And, how could it be otherwise, there are three components of the terminals that are key when anyone chooses between one mobile or another, we are talking about the camera, its screen and the mobile processor. Therefore, we will see what the processor cores are and how Octa-core or Quad-core processors differ.

What are CPU cores?

For those who have not yet discovered the existence of cores, or cores, they are divisions within a processor . In addition, its main function is to be able to distribute the orders that we order our mobile phone to execute, that is, when we click on an app we are ordering our mobile to open it, and that is possible thanks to the processor. In addition, it will also be in charge of keeping it running smoothly.

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Therefore, the cores are dedicated to reading the instructions and executing specific actions that we ourselves order, so that the more cores a mobile device has, the faster it will read and carry out these processes . It is important to know that each of these divisions works independently in order to respond to the instructions that have been dictated through the software.

This means that having more than one core helps spread the terminal workload. Likewise, today the most common is to find quad-core mobiles, also called quad-core, or eight-core, known as octa-core.

The importance of the mobile processor

The processor is the main person in charge of managing the operating system and interpreting program and application instructions through mathematical operations such as addition, subtraction, division, multiplication and Boolean logic. That is to say, when talking about the processor of our terminal, it must be clear that we are facing a chip that does the mathematical calculations to make the mobile work , with the help of the operating system as well.

For this reason, it is directly responsible for whether our mobile device works well or is slow. In addition, that the number of cores that this chip has will be essential when taking into account the performance of the terminal. And it is that, to find out which are the best, different performance tests are carried out. However, in most cases the brain of our mobile is developed under the ARM architecture , used by different companies to create their processors and CPUs based on this core.

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What is the best processor?

Surely, you are already perceiving the importance of having fewer or more cores in the processor. And as we mentioned, there are currently different types of processors, although the ones that set the trend are the Octa Core and the Quad Core. But what is really the difference between the two?

Quad-core, a quad-core power

Quad-core processors have four cores inside , and they work independently to execute different instructions in the terminal’s operating system at the same time. This means that this type of kernel will be capable of executing up to four different functions completely simultaneously. However, we must know the speed of execution of these tasks that we want to perform with the mobile device is not multiplied by the number of processor cores.

In addition, it is not correct to divide the speed of the processor by the number of cores to know the speed with which each of them work. Therefore, the speed will depend to a large extent on the amount of processing and requirements that the apps that we normally use demand.

Octa-core for the mid and high range

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Eight-core processors, also known as Octa-core, we usually find in most phones that belong to the high range, although some mid-range also have this number of cores. And it is that the Octa-core allow to execute different tasks at the same time at a quite optimal speed . In addition, processors with this number of cores have a greater capacity to execute the instructions that are marked, since they use less time and fewer resources to respond.

It is important to know that eight-core processors work with two individual quad-core processors. However, its large number of cores that allows it to handle the operating system using fewer resources than necessary, will not guarantee a higher response speed than with a Quad-Core processor .

How are these processors different?

As we have seen, processors differ in the number of cores they are made of. However, in terms of the speed of execution of the different tasks such as using social networks and talking through messaging apps, we may not notice any difference. And it is that, the fact that the Octa-Core processor has eight cores does not make it the fastest, in fact, a Quad-Core processor can be faster , since the speed will depend only on the GHz of the device mobile in question.

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Another notable difference that we can find between these two processors is that the Quad Core has its four cores that work constantly. While, in the case of the Octa Core, the operation of its cores is activated in a totally alternative way. Only four of its cores remain active , but the rest will remain inactive until their use is necessary.

However, processors that have eight cores in their guts will offer us a more advanced technology that will give us better energy savings and will avoid in a more effective way the different collapses that can occur during the use of different applications.