Devialet Gemini, New True Wireless Headphones: Features and Price

Devialet products have not only managed to attract the attention of users for their unique designs, but also for their sound quality. The French audio specialist has more than demonstrated that they know the subject. Now they come with a particular proposal that seeks to gain a foothold in the True Wireless headset sector . These are the Devialet Gemini .

Devialet Gemini, some “mini Phantom” for your ears

Devialet Gemini

Competing in the field of True Wireless headphones is not easy. There are manufacturers such as Sony, Apple or Technics among many others that already offer high quality proposals and with very solvent noise cancellation systems. Still Devialet is willing to stand up to them with their new and first True Wireless headphones.

The popular French brand has presented Los Devialet Gemini, true wireless headphones that can be reserved as of October 10. Of course, for the moment they have confirmed that they will only send to those who buy them from France, the United Kingdom and Germany. It is assumed that other countries where they also ship their speakers will also do so, but they may miss this first wave of orders.

However, beyond talking about its pre-sale, what you will be most interested in knowing is what these headphones offer. So let’s see it and logically we have to start with the design issue. If you are familiar with their products, especially Phantom speakers , you will likely see these headphones as a “mini Phantom” for your ears.

Of course, after the first impact, then they do not contribute anything really different compared to other options on the market. They are in-ear type headphones and that always represents a risk for all those who cannot find a model capable of holding them well.

Leaving behind the physical aspect that with the images you can assess yourself, at a technical level it is assumed that the sound quality will be one of its great values together with the active noise cancellation system.

Devialet Gemini estuche carga

To improve the entire sound experience, Devialet incorporates a microphone system capable of processing 8,000 samples per second in order to process external noise in the best possible way, also detect if there are audio leaks and thus help us choose the ideal pad so that they fit as they should. All of this can be managed through the mobile application that they will launch.

Therefore, it seems that all the experience that they have obtained during these years ago will serve to launch a product that a priori presents a battle with the rest of current and higher level actors. Although it will really be necessary to test them to be able to assess first hand if they comply or throw more than name.

Finally, the headphones offer 8 hours of autonomy that can be multiplied 3.5 times thanks to its charging case. This in turn hides an interesting secret: the battery can be removed for replacement or recycling if necessary. A striking and interesting feature.

Price and availability Devialet Gemini

The new Devialet Gemini are launched at a suggested price of 299 euros . At the moment the website only accepts reservations and sends to France, the United Kingdom and Germany. For the rest of the users from other countries, it will be necessary to wait to see if they confirm shipments or not.

If they interest you and they send you where you live, you can reserve your unit through the Devialet page. We will be cautious, because although they could be the dream of any audiophile, it is also true that nobody gives anything away and there are other similar price proposals, Devialet will not be the one that sells a product much higher at the same price.