Design and Share All Types of Publications with Affinity Publisher

In these lines we are going to talk about a firm that in its product catalog has a series of programs specially indicated for design. We are not referring to the Affinity developer and in this case we are going to focus on their Publisher solution.

It is true that in addition to its objective focused on digital design , if something characterizes the firm’s programs is their user interface, together with the functionality they offer. This allows us to have software that adapts both to the needs of novice users and professionals in the sector.

Affinity Publisher

Well, as we mentioned, in these lines we are going to talk about the program called Affinity Publisher, a more than adequate solution for desktop publishing. As we mentioned, one of its strengths, as with the rest of the developments, is an affordable interface, as we will see later. It is worth mentioning that this software is considered a serious alternative to the popular InDesign from the giant Adobe and that it is there to take over part of its clients.

How using Affinity Publisher will help us

To give us a clearer idea of what we are talking about in these same lines, it is a program for the creation and development of elements such as editorial pages, advertising design, web , etc. Therefore, it presents the functions and tools necessary for any type of work related to design. As we said, it competes directly with InDesign from the giant Adobe.

In this way, once we put it into operation, we have the possibility of layout books, magazines or all kinds of marketing material. We can also make use of this solution to carry out templates for social networks, website mockups and much more. As you can imagine, all this both on computers based on macOS and Windows. As with the other two great titles of the firm Photo and Designer, Publisher is responsible for allowing users to create and edit images to integrate them into their personal projects.

interfaz principal Publisher

Getting started and getting started with Affinity Publisher

This is a program that, once installed on the PC , offers us a very understandable and affordable interface for most. It is logical that users with experience in other solutions of the firm or with other competitors in the sector will find it easier to get hold of this proposal that we are commenting on. We just have to go to the File / New menu to select the format of the document with which we will start working. We also have the possibility of defining certain customizable parameters in it.

Nuevo Publisher

Because this is a program that allows us to work on multiple pages simultaneously, they are placed in an orderly manner in the main interface. In fact, on the left side of it we see a tab specially dedicated to it, called pages. This is located next to Resources and Inventory so that we can access these items quickly. All this together will help us to develop the project as such.

Also if we place the view a little more to the left, in turn we find the basic tools of the application. Here we will see some basic functions for this type of work such as text, pen, text frames, images, shapes, etc.

How to take advantage of the user interface

In order to start developing a new project from scratch, we will use the aforementioned tools that the program proposes. As we have mentioned, this solution tries to make things much easier for us when it comes to layout all kinds of digital content . Thus, as we select the basic work tools from the left panel, to the right of the work desk we see that their customizable options appear.

In order to get the most out of each of the steps that we take here, say that we can adjust parameters related to various aspects. As is usual in the world of design in general, in this case we talk about the color, the samples and the lines.

Parámetros personalizables Publisher

But that’s not all when it comes to handling the Affinity Publisher interface. We say this because at the top we see a series of menus that we want to take a look at. They present us with innumerable ways of working to control the most important elements that are part of this design sector. Here we mean that we see a section focused on the texts, another for the document as such, the tables, or the layers.

Menú textos Publisher

Other important program functions

But of course, as you can imagine, this is a program full of functions that will be of great help to the publications that we are designing. All of them with the healthy objective of making things much easier for us so that we can work comfortably, save time and effort. Therefore, below we are going to list some of the most striking functions that we find here and that will be extremely useful:

  • Editing files in PDF format
  • Faster IDML import.
  • Document, images and resources packaging function.
  • Presets for saving favorite job settings.
  • Enhancements to traced text .
  • Customizable indents and margin guide colors.
  • Use of work tables in the form of sheets.
  • Bitmap rendering for PSD files.

How to download Affinity Publisher

Whether you are professional users of the sector, or if you are starting in it, this is a very useful solution. Thus, in the event that you are interested in knowing in depth this world of digital editorial design , you should try this solution that we are talking about. There is no doubt that this is a solution that will be very interesting for you. But first of all, if there is something we have to take into consideration, it is that in this case we are not dealing with a free program.

It is interesting to know that at the same time we have at our disposal for download and use, a 90-day trial version . You can do with it from this link . In the event that all this convinces us, we can use the program as such for a price of 54.99 euros.

Other alternatives to Affinity Publisher to use

Adobe InDesign

As we mentioned before, here we find one of the great references in the sector for the design of digital publications . It is regarded as the world leader in editorial design, used by professionals around the world. It has a large number of functionalities to face any type of publishing project. Here jobs such as web development , newspapers, magazines , marketing, or all kinds of publications come into play. You can try this programfrom this link .


This is another program that allows us to enter fully into digital printing and layout. It has a very well designed user interface and offers us more than 1,000 designs of all kinds. Here we find all kinds of catalogs and sample publications that save us a great deal of time and effort . All this in order to help us improve our personal projects in this regard. You can download the program from this link .


Here we find a program that works online that helps us design magazines, books and web pages. For this, it provides us with all kinds of images to be able to layout and we also have to choose from more than 300 predesigned templates . All this will help us save time and effort in daily work with the application. You have the possibility to download it from here .