The demos come to Google Stadia for you to play for free: how it works

demos come to Google Stadia for you to play for free

Stadia has introduced a new feature that will allow its users to try games for 30 minutes completely free . Yes, a kind of demo that if extended in use could make many users give the streaming video game platform a chance. Are you interested in knowing what you can play now? If the answer is yes, we will tell you about it below.

Stadia introduces demos for everyone

Google has just announced, albeit in a somewhat timid way, that its cloud video game platform will offer the ability to play for free for 30 minutes . That is, you will be able to log into Google Stadia and without having to opt for a paid plan, test what the gaming experience is like through the cloud.

At the moment, the only game that allows this free game option for 30 minutes is Hello Engineer, but the company has already communicated that it plans to expand this idea to other titles available on the platform or that they will be soon. weather.

And the truth is that the idea seems quite interesting for users and Google itself. Because thanks to these 30 minutes of trial that Stadia will give to all users, regardless of whether they access the standard or Pro version, they will surely make more than one sale later when they see that the game convinces them or more importantly, they end up subscribing to Stadia Pro.

What games can I try for free on Stadia

As we have mentioned before, Hello Engineers is the only game that right now offers the option of playing free for 30 minutes. Still, even though these time-limited demos are something new, the company did offer other titles to try Stadia for free before. One of them was Pac-Man and with the Stadia Pro plan you can enjoy with extra outlay to:

  • Hello Engineer
  • Mafia III
  • Spirit Fortu’s great adventure
  • Darksiders III
  • ARK
  • The Paw Patrol.

Of course, Stadia Pro has a monthly subscription cost, so it is not that they are demos but claims to later get hooked and acquire other titles. Even so, if you never signed up for the service, you can try one month completely free .

Play first, buy later

The concept of demo is nothing new , as soon as you have had a console or PC you will already know that they are common. However, in streaming services it has not been something that has been fully exploited and it is rare. Because enabling options like these in Stadia are quite simple.

What’s more, they are even more effective than others. Because developers do not have to make any extra effort to “package” a version that is limited by a control point that once the demo is reached, nor do they have to make an extra expense for the storage and transfer of said file if It is a demo in digital format like those that are usually styled on consoles.

Likewise, for Stadia, GeForce Now, etc., offering these time-limited demos is simply activating an option in the settings and little else. So it should be common by now or, at the very least, expanding quickly. Because for the user it would be much easier to assess whether the game convinces him or not and with this said platforms would win.