How to Delete Unnecessary People from Your Instagram Account

Instagram has just finally added a new feature that will allow you to eliminate those users that really matter little to you and with whom you interact less. Because yes, let’s admit that in time all or the vast majority end up following accounts that later were not what we expected.

How to delete Instagram users with whom you interact less

The vast majority of Instagram users end up accumulating less interesting accounts to a greater or lesser extent. Users who still think that they could contribute something or that simply followed by that “commitment” that we sometimes think we have when they follow us or we have interacted on some occasion with the other account.

This not only happens on Instagram, in general in any social network the same thing happens. But now, the popular photography platform has officially implemented a new function that will allow you to know those accounts with which you interact less . To access this list you only have to do the following:

Eliminar Seguidos Instragam

  1. Open the Instagram application and go to your profile
  2. Tap the number icon that indicates how many people you follow
  3. On the next screen you will see two Categories appear: People with whom you interact less and More shown in the news.

Now you just have to give people with whom you interact less and you will get that list of accounts with which you have a lower activity. From there you can go reviewing and selecting those accounts that you really do not care to have and delete them. Although eye, there may be accounts that you do not interact with in comments or with likes, but that do contribute or are interesting.

Remove to improve content quality

This new Instagram option is also a good opportunity to ask yourself if you really need to follow certain accounts, something that would be good in other social networks. Because, sometimes, although we believe that if we follow more people we will have better content, the truth is that it is not so. Moreover, I would say that it even worsens by being more likely to see recommendations that are inconsequential to you.

Eliminating all those accounts that you don’t like because of how things count, what they teach or because they are really uninteresting can be scary because it generates what is known as an “echo chamber”, but if the decision is correct and consistent You will win in quality on your timeline. And you will enjoy more every time you enter it.

Therefore, do not stay only with the option of people with whom you interact less with Instagram, you also have the filters that allow you to see the users that you have followed most recent or the oldest. Lose some time and check what they publish, assess whether it is really worth keeping them and if not, eliminate. And don’t worry, that “guilt” for stopping following someone doesn’t really exist. Moreover, there is no obligation if we understand networks as we really should.