Delete objects and people with a click with the new Photoshop

Both those experienced in photo editing and newbies, surely everyone knows programs like Photoshop. This is an Adobe software solution that has been with us for many years and has not stopped improving, as is the case at hand.

Basically, the program focuses on offering us everything we need to work and edit images at all levels. There is no doubt that this is the most popular tool in the entire globe belonging to this software sector. It is a program full of all kinds of more or less advanced functions to cover the needs of the majority. We are telling you all this because the software giant has recently released a series of interesting updates for part of its programs.

Delete objects and people with a click with the new Photoshop

This includes Photoshop and Lightroom that we have heard so much about in recent times. Various interesting novelties and functions have been introduced, but one of the most striking that we are going to find in these editing programs is when it comes to selecting and deleting individual objects. And when we talk about objects we refer to any element, including people, that are part of the photo itself with which we work.

Surely we have found ourselves on more than one occasion with the frustrating task of having to select and eliminate certain elements . This will allow us to crop the ones from the original photo or move them to another place. For a long time for all this we have had a series of functions integrated into programs such as Adobe Photoshop. However, sometimes they are not precise enough or are too complicated for inexperienced users.

Adobe makes it easier to remove people in Photoshop

Well, we are telling you all this because at the MAX conference, the firm has announced a series of updates focused on these tools. It is true that the company is increasingly focusing on the use of artificial intelligence or AI to facilitate these photo retouching tasks. A couple of years ago Adobe released an object selection tool that could recognize some of them.

recortar photoshop

But now they have wanted to go one step further. The new function to select objects found in Photoshop is much more intelligent and functional . This translates into benefits for users since it is now able to recognize complex objects such as skies, buildings, plants, mountains, and much more. In addition, the function has become much more precise and we can use it with a single mouse click.

This means that you can store and preserve certain details such as a person’s hair for use after the whole is trimmed. For example, when we need to remove an object and fill the empty space, we have a keyboard shortcut. It is enough that we use the Shift + Del combination for all this by using AI . If we use the program on an iPad, you can also remove the background of an image with a single touch on the screen.

ciervo photoshop

To say that all this that we tell you is powered by the Adobe Sensei AI platform, a technology in which the firm has been working for several years. In addition, it is worth knowing that many of these changes and improvements have also been extended to the aforementioned Lightroom application from the same company. Improvements related to HDR and Camera Raw compatibility have also been introduced. We also found improvements in neural filters, among other things.