Decorate your desktop with these Doctor Strange backgrounds and themes

Despite all the potential and functionality offered by the Microsoft operating system, Windows, customization tasks are also important. It is clear that when working with this software what we are looking for is productivity and efficiency. But adapting its appearance to our needs or preferences also helps us. Now we are going to talk about a series of Doctor Strange themes and backgrounds that you will love.

In the first instance, we must take into consideration that Microsoft offers us a series of elements of this type to change the appearance of Windows from the beginning. However, we have the possibility of adding our own themes and backgrounds in order to have a much more personal and original software. As long as we have quality images adapted to the resolution of our screen, we can use them as a background in Windows.

Doctor Strange backgrounds and themes

But at the same time, I am sure that many of you already know that many Internet pages propose and offer us this type of content. In this way we will obtain spectacular images referring to topics that interest us to personalize the system. In fact, in these same lines we are going to help you in this regard. Since the second installment of the Marvel movie , Doctor Strange, has recently been released, we are going to show you where you can get funds and themes related to the saga.

Doctor Strange Themes for Windows

In this way, fans of all this will have the opportunity to decorate their operating system with high-quality images belonging to said saga. Thus, first of all, we are going to offer you a series of themes for Windows that you can install on the system and thus enjoy all the photos that they offer us by default.

  • Doctor Strange Theme for Windows 10 & 11 : This is a theme from the aforementioned Marvel movie that offers us a total of four images in the form of backgrounds to customize our system.
  • Doctor Strange : this other proposal presents us with 16 high-definition wallpapers to use in Windows. Here, as you can see, we find a wider variety of images that will be automatically exchanged on our desktop.
  • Doctor Strange Theme : Regarding this third theme for Windows, we find 15 images corresponding to the character from the movie to give our team a more original touch .

Marvel movie backgrounds for desktop

But if what we want is to use a still image from the film starring Benedict Cumberbatch, we also offer you some solutions. These come to us in the form of wallpapers that you can set to decorate your Windows desktop . So, to begin with, you can use this background of a close-up of the actor to make it part of your desktop.

primer plano Doctor Strange

Likewise, if you liked Avengers: Infinity War and you want a background where Doctor Strange appears, you can also opt for this other background that we mentioned.

Infinity War

Another spectacular image and we find it with the protagonist of the film to which we have referred, but in this case in action .

doctor acción fondo windows

There is no doubt that this Marvel movie offers us some very interesting scenes that are worth giving a touch of originality to our Windows desktop .

rayo doctor