Declutter Your Digital Space: How to Disable Ads in Windows 11

Navigating through Windows 11, users might encounter a blend of clean interface designs alongside intrusive ads and recommendations. These elements, intended by Microsoft to enhance user experience by suggesting third-party products, services, or applications that may be useful, often have the opposite effect. They can disrupt the user experience, especially since users have already invested in the operating system by purchasing a license. However, there’s a silver lining as Windows 11 provides options to disable these advertisements, ensuring a more streamlined and less distracting user experience.

Eliminating Suggested Apps

remove ads windows 11

Windows 11 tends to display advertisements in various interface areas, such as the Start menu, lock screen, File Explorer, and within certain applications. These suggested apps, while appearing to be installed, are actually Microsoft’s way of promoting potentially useful third-party offerings. Disabling these suggestions is straightforward:

  1. Start Menu Suggestions: Navigate to the Start button, right-click the suggested application you wish to remove, and select “Uninstall.” A confirmation pop-up will appear; confirm the uninstallation to remove the suggestion.
  2. Distinguishing Real Apps from Suggestions: Real applications offer additional options when right-clicked, such as app settings or more detailed uninstallation processes. This distinction helps identify which are genuine applications versus mere suggestions.

How to remove apps that Windows suggests

Removing File Explorer Ads

Microsoft’s self-promotion extends to File Explorer, where ads for services like OneDrive upgrades can appear. To enhance your browsing experience by removing these ads:

  1. Access Folder Options: Open File Explorer, click the three horizontal dots on the command bar’s far right, and select “Options.”
  2. Disable Sync Provider Notifications: In the Folder Options window, switch to the “View” tab, uncheck “Show notifications from sync provider,” then apply the changes by clicking “Apply” and “OK.”

By following these steps, users can significantly reduce the presence of unsolicited advertisements within Windows 11, aligning the operating system more closely with their preferences and enhancing overall user satisfaction. These adjustments not only declutter the user interface but also reaffirm the control users have over their digital environment, making for a more personalized and enjoyable computing experience.