Dead Google Stadia, we have 4 ways to use the mobile as a console

The death of Google Stadia has meant a setback for many users. On January 18, 2023 , Google’s streaming video game platform will close its doors and this directly affects mobile phones. Mainly, because you can use the service from your smartphone, although this will soon be unfeasible.

we have 4 ways to use the mobile as a console

Since its inception, both users and experts claimed that the Internet giant’s entry into the video game sector would not have much of a future. This has finally become a reality, since Stadia has not managed to gain a foothold among the three main companies that dominate the sector, such as Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo.

The Mountain View company itself recently stated that the system did not get the influx of users they expected at first. Likewise, Google has confirmed that it will offer a refund on all purchases of games, add-ons and subscriptions (other than Stadia Pro). A measure that will be a relief for many users.

Samsung Google Stadia

However, there are those who have to look for an alternative to the platform on their smartphone. The possibility of streaming deliveries as powerful as DOOM Eternal from your own phone was one of the main assets of Google Stadia. Anyway, if you are one of those who used to take advantage of this feature, surely you are wanting to know other options to turn your mobile into a console.

Up to 4 services similar to Google Stadia

Today the terminals have extremely powerful processors that allow us to play all kinds of titles . This means that we can enjoy some of the best video games of the moment through streaming platforms such as Google Stadia, although there are much more complete services than this, such as the following:

xbox game pass

The Xbox subscription system is the best and most complete there is. Not only does it offer a virtually endless catalog of games, but it also includes releases from day one of release. The only requirement to play them is to have a subscription to Game Pass Ultimate , which is priced at 12.99 euros per month , although it may be more profitable for you to spend several months.

Game Pass Android

In the Google Play Store and in the iPhone App Store you can find the Xbox Game Pass app. Of course, it should be noted that not all video games on the platform have the necessary compatibility, but, equally, you have a vast catalog to choose from and have fun.

PS Remote Play

The PS Remote Play app is available for your mobile completely free from PS4. The best thing about this option is that you don’t need a subscription to play , instead it broadcasts the screen of your PS4 or PS5 on the phone. This means that you can access any video game you have installed on your console.


Of course, if you have a subscription to PlayStation Plus Extra or Premium, you will gain access to a much larger catalog full of classics, as well as more current installments. Likewise, you can enter text from the device’s keyboard and even use your console’s controller to have better control.

GeForce Now

This platform is similar to Google Stadia, since it does not grant access to any game catalog. The purpose of GeForce Now is to stream games from your Epic Games, Stream, or UPlay library , so it works similarly to PS Remote Play. The app is free for both Android and iOS, but there are monthly subscription fees.

geforce now

There is a free option that allows you to test the service for an hour. From there you have different subscription models, among which the premium plan of 19.99 euros per month stands out, since it offers the possibility of playing at 4K resolution and at 120 FPS to enjoy your favorite video games.

Steam link

Another almost identical alternative to PS Remote Play to replace Google Stadia on your smartphone. Steam Link does not require a monthly subscription or anything like that, since it is used to play the games that you have in your Steam account on the PC.

steam link

You only need a controller that you can pair to the mobile to start playing. The app is free on your device’s store, so if you have a lot of games in your Steam library, you can play them on your phone without any hassle.