DCManyTools, Tabbed File Explorer and 500 Tools

On many occasions we find certain software solutions that try to solve many things at the same time on the PC. In fact, these are programs that try to pack a good number of useful tools into one in order to increase their versatility. Well, this is the case with DCManyTools , a file explorer that goes a bit further.

Keep in mind that when we turn on our Windows computer , the first thing that loads is the operating system with a series of integrated applications. To all these are added the functions that Microsoft itself had already added. Here elements of the importance of CMD, PowerShell , File Explorer , etc. come into play. And it is precisely in these same lines we are going to focus on this same section, the explorer.


Windows Explorer has many competitors

This is an extremely important element that helps us move around the computer’s disk drives. At the same time it allows us to work with the files and folders stored in them in the best way. However, the truth is that due to its importance, this is an element that should have evolved further. This is something that over time most users require Microsoft . Thus, while waiting for a new and revolutionary Windows File Explorer , many opt for third-party options.

And it is that at the moment we have the possibility to use a good amount of solutions of this type, but developed by others. These are seamlessly integrated into the operating system itself, thus forming an active part of the operating system itself. Well, for those interested in all this, in these lines we are going to talk about an interesting alternative. This is the software solution called DCManyTools. Actually, to give us an idea, this is an advanced File Explorer based on Double Commander.

Interfaz DCManyTools

Advantages of using DCManyTools in our team

Without a doubt, the most striking thing that this program presents us is that it additionally integrates more than 500 portable tools and at no cost. These will be valid for several versions of the operating system such as Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10. They are perfectly integrated into the Explorer itself so that we can use them whenever we need them.

To all this we must add, in a mandatory way, all the functions that the explorer that does here as a base, Double Commander , already offers us. We are talking about functions that many of them do not find in the native Windows Explorer, so it will delight many. To say that DCManyTools is aimed at all types of users, both those who want to keep their equipment ready, and those focused on technical support.

herramientas mantenimiento DCManyTools

Free applications built into DCManyTools

Once we have downloaded the DCManyTools program, in the program’s own interface we find a series of shortcuts to the tool categories. Here we find some as useful as Image, capture and design , another to search for files, programming, multimedia, etc. In turn, each of these categories, when clicking on it, opens an extensive drop-down list with the applications as such.

It is worth mentioning that all this is located, in the form of buttons, just below the original Explorer menus. Also here we will find a large number of shortcuts to operating system settings. But in addition to that we see applications directly related to utilities for the maintenance and correct operation of Windows.

That is why, as we say, DCManyTools is also aimed at those users who make daily use of their computer and want to take care of it. Not only that, they will also be more productive by being able to have direct access to all those tools with just a few clicks .

herramientas sistema DCManyTools

Other more basic functions of DCManyTools

There is no doubt that everything we have discussed so far will be very useful in Windows, we are referring to all those integrated tools. But that’s not all, since in addition the explorer as such also presents us with several advantages with respect to Windows. To say that at first we find a double panel user interface in order to work better with the contents of the discs.

Another function that is integrated here and that has been requested for a long time for Windows File Explorer, is the use of tabs. These work in a similar way to how we do it in Internet browsers. But here instead of working with multiple web pages in a single window, we do it with disk locations.

Pestañas DCManyTools

Likewise, this alternative explorer integrates its own compressor by default, the CMD window, and has a multitude of parameters so that we can configure it.

Other alternatives to DCManyTools and Windows Explorer

Explorer ++ : there are many third-party alternatives that we can use to replace the native Windows Explorer. However, Explorer ++ is one of the best known proposals of this type for a long time thanks to everything it offers us. It has also improved over the years and it is a free application that you can download from here . We are talking about a portable application that we can run on any computer or carry it on a USB memory .

Cubic Explorer : on the other hand we find this other proposal that will also be very interesting. Say that it also has a portable version and we can download it from this link . It offers the user a very intuitive interface divided into several adjustable and customizable sections . What this allows us is to be able to take advantage of its functions to work with files and folders in a more comfortable and structured way.

How to download DCManyTools for free

Well, at this point, you may be interested in trying first-hand this complete alternative application to the Explorer with hundreds of tools accessible at the moment. Therefore, the best we can do is download DCManyTools from this link . Of course, we are going to need permission to access the group and thus to the aforementioned program download file.