Dawntrail Benchmark: A Detailed Guide for Final Fantasy XIV Players

For gamers eager to optimize their PC performance for Final Fantasy XIV, the Dawntrail Benchmark tool offers a tailored solution. This application is designed specifically to help players assess if their system can handle the latest updates to the game.

Unlike generic benchmarking tools like 3DMark, Dawntrail Benchmark focuses directly on how well a PC can run Final Fantasy XIV, providing a more relevant gauge of in-game performance.

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How to Use Dawntrail Benchmark

1. Downloading and Running the Tool:

  • To get started with Dawntrail Benchmark, you first need to download the application from the provided link. The file size is around 4 GB, and it requires Microsoft .NET Framework to run. If you don’t have this framework installed, the application will prompt and guide you through its installation.
  • Once downloaded, unzip the file and execute ffxiv-dawntrail-bench.exe from the main folder. This program does not need installation and runs directly from the executable.

2. Navigating the Interface:

  • Upon launching, you’ll see the homepage displaying your PC’s specifications, links to purchase the game, start a free trial, and access licensing terms.
  • To start the benchmark, simply click on the Start button. This will initiate a series of game animations, simulating the game to measure your PC’s performance.

3. Configuring Settings:

  • For the best results, adjust the settings before running the benchmark by clicking on Settings. Here, you can configure various options such as scaling, graphics settings, reflections, textures, and more.
  • The settings menu is divided into seven tabs, with the first four tabs dedicated to game settings, allowing detailed adjustments to optimize performance.

Understanding the Scores

After the benchmark completes, you’ll receive a score that interprets how well your PC can run Final Fantasy XIV based on the current settings:

  • 15,000 or more: Ideal performance with the highest settings.
  • 11,000 – 14,999: Adequate for high resolutions but optimal at slightly lower settings.
  • 8,000 – 10,999: High performance, though not at the highest possible settings.
  • 6,000 – 7,999: Runs well on default settings with some room for enhanced resolution.
  • 4,000 – 5,999: Stable at default settings and resolution.
  • 2,000 – 3,999: Consider lowering resolution to improve performance.
  • 1,000 – 1,999: Likely to experience significant slowdowns, even with reduced settings.
  • Less than 1,000: The game may not run properly or install.


Dawntrail Benchmark is a critical tool for any Final Fantasy XIV enthusiast looking to ensure their PC setup is optimized for the best possible gaming experience. By assessing your system’s capability to handle the game’s requirements, you can make informed decisions about hardware upgrades or settings adjustments. Whether you are preparing for a new update or checking if your current system meets the game’s demands, Dawntrail Benchmark provides valuable insights specific to your Final Fantasy XIV experience.

Download Dawntrail Benchmark – Ensure you have the necessary 4 GB of space and Microsoft .NET Framework installed for a smooth setup.

This tool not only serves Final Fantasy XIV players but can also be a helpful general benchmark for assessing your PC’s overall performance with customizable settings.