Be careful! The danger of reading QR codes with your mobile

The dangers that we constantly have to face with our mobile device are numerous. Not only by browsing the Internet, since we could infect our terminal by entering an unsafe website, but we must also exercise caution when installing applications on our terminal. However, they are not the only problems we have to deal with.

The last problem to join the list is related to the issue of suffering fraud or scams through mobile devices. And not only via SMS, emails or calls, but now it can also be the case through an alternative that very few can expect. And more now, that this method has become so fashionable due to Covid-19. We refer to the action of reading any type of QR code with the mobile .

The scam when reading a QR with the mobile

From now on we will have to be more careful than ever, since the problem of reading any type of QR with our mobile device is added to the list. And more in the moment that we live, that every restaurant, bar or any similar establishment usually has an electronic menu.

The danger of reading QR codes with your mobile

The Provincial Police Station of Malaga itself was the first to alert about a new form of fraud through this technology, that is, the module used to store information in a matrix designed of points. And is that all mobile devices have the ability to read these codes to be able to immediately access any website, application, etc.

However, the security forces have discovered that because of the current situation and the fact that we have to continually read this type of code with our mobile phones, they have taken advantage of this situation to be able to act criminally and obtain information victims’ personal, that is, stealing personal or bank data .

How to avoid a scam with this code?

The police have already offered different tips so that we can avoid falling for the hook and thus not be victims of a possible scam. Therefore, one of the first tips they offer us is that we do not scan any type of QR key that is totally unknown to us. And it is not the only advice, as they recommend not reading those that are pasted on certain advertising posters that announce raffles, offers, gifts or discounts.

However, we also have the possibility of using Google Lens on our mobile device to scan a QR code in a more secure way , since, if we point it with the magnifying glass icon, it will tell us what exactly the QR that we have means scan in question.