Customize your PS5 with all these options. DualSense of colors?

The design of the PS5 may have enchanted many users, but there is another side that prefers to bring back the classic piano black of previous generations. What is your opinion about it? Be that as it may, the good news is that there are very simple options to customize your PS5 to your liking, and that means that you can modify both the console and the DualSense controller.

Your PS5 can be very special

The PS5’s drop-down side tray system makes the customization process extremely easy. Sony is not very happy with the appearance of this type of custom case , but the truth is that the market is full of this type of solution.

Customize your PS5 with all these options
They are rigid housings that come to replace the original sides of the console. They are extremely easy to remove, and one of them is specially designed to allow the user to expand the internal memory of the console, so it could be removed by a 5-year-old with their eyes closed.

Thanks to this, carcass manufacturers have been able to find a vein of product that is very easy to sell and that offers very effective results. Sony does not like too much when manufacturers copy their cases, but for now they are still on the market. These are some of the options available:

Black housings to bring back the same color as always:

Gold color model for the PS5 Digital Edition that also includes the DualSense case:

Differentiate players with the colored DualSense

DualSense colores

Another very interesting idea is that you can modify the appearance of the DualSense to have several controllers of different colors, and thus be able to distribute a control to each player at home so that they always know which control corresponds to them. These housings are fairly straightforward to assemble as the DualSense’s black piece is easily removed when you pull it up.

Taking into account that the official colored DualSense are more expensive than the traditional white model, this option of the covers will be very useful for those who already have more than one unit at home.

Beauty is on the inside

PS5 vinilo logo

Another very curious element that would help us to personalize our console is to place a color vinyl right in the hole of the PlayStation logo . As you surely know, in one of the corners of the console you can see an opening in the shape of the PlayStation logo that gives way to an internal hole without any function. Well, there are already those who have thought that it would be a great idea to take advantage of that drawing to give it some life and color with a simple sticker. That is the function of these vinyls, which will change the appearance of the logo a bit for something more colorful if you prefer.