Create your free Spotify with YouTube videos

Subscriptions have become the usual recourse for many developers to maintain the development of their applications. But, in certain cases, a subscription makes all the sense in the world (music, video games, movies and series) in order to access the new content that is included every month. If our economy does not allow us to pay for a Spotify subscription, there is no need to use the free version with so many ads, since, using an application, we can create our own playlists without having to download the content on our computer.

The easiest solution is to use the playlists that YouTube allows us to create on its platform. However, it is not the best option, since, if we do not want to suffer from the ads of the free version of Spotify, we will end up with the very numerous ads, by the way, of YouTube. The most feasible solution is to use an application that allows us to create YouTube playlists. In this sense, the best application to carry out this task is the VLC multiplatform player.

Create your free Spotify with YouTube videos

Create YouTube Link Lists with VLC

No one can deny that VLC is, today, the best video and audio player that we can find on the market, a player that, in addition to being completely free, is cross-platform and includes a large number of additional functions such as the possibility of converting files audio, download YouTube videos and create playlists based on links. Although this last function is ideal for watching Internet TV, we can also use it to create lists with YouTube links.

To create music playlists through VLC, the first thing to do, if you don’t already use VLC, is to download the application through the following link . Next, we open the app and from the View menu, tap on Playlist . We place the mouse in the blank box that is located on the right side of the application and select the Open advanced option. Next, we click on the Network tab and in the URL box we paste the address of the YouTube video that we want to be part of our playlist.

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Once we have created the list, we just have to start playing it so that VLC automatically extracts from YouTube the names of the songs that will be shown in the list, along with the duration. Finally, from the top menu, click on Media and save the playlist, since if we don’t, it will automatically be deleted from our computer when the application is closed.

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Read VLC playlists with AIMP

If, despite the benefits that VLC offers us, we don’t quite like the format or we have some special hobby with this application, we don’t need to use it to listen to the playlists, since the format in which they are saved lists (formatted plain text), is compatible with other players such as AIMP. In this way, we can create the YouTube playlists based on links with VLC and use AIMP to play them smoothly. Unfortunately, AIMP’s options do not include the function that allows us to create playlists based on YouTube links.

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