Create all kinds of images with the AI ​​of ImageCreator plugin

Once we launch Adobe Photoshop on our computer, we are presented with numerous ways to start our work. We can begin with new projects from scratch or continue with partially completed ones. Regardless of the situation, our goal is always to achieve the best and most stunning results.

Adobe Photoshop is a powerful photo editing program that caters to both inexperienced users and professionals alike. Its comprehensive range of tools and functions makes it accessible to all. While some new users may feel intimidated by its potential, it’s important to note that the developers and external content creators strive to make our lives easier.


This is where the concept of automation and obtaining remarkable results comes into play. In this regard, we would like to discuss a remarkable free plugin that utilizes Artificial Intelligence (AI) to generate images directly within Adobe Photoshop. This plugin, known as ImageCreator, can be downloaded at no cost from its official website. By integrating this plugin into the program, we gain the ability to effortlessly create our own projects within seconds, thanks to the power of AI.

To access ImageCreator, simply visit the plugin’s official website and initiate the download process. It’s an exciting opportunity to explore the potential of AI-driven image creation directly within the Adobe Photoshop environment.

web ImageCreator

One of the fascinating aspects of this software is its ability to generate a wide range of images using various AI models. It provides us with a diverse selection of models that can be utilized to accomplish various tasks through integrated Artificial Intelligence. This opens up a multitude of possibilities for us to explore and leverage the power of AI in our creative endeavors.

Create all kinds of images with the AI ​​of ImageCreator

First and foremost, it’s important to note that this plugin comes equipped with a diverse collection of AI-powered examples for automatic image generation. This means that we can effortlessly create a wide variety of images with minimal effort on our part. Whether we want to generate landscapes, portraits, anime characters, or more, the possibilities are virtually endless.

To take advantage of all the features we’ve mentioned, we simply need to register on the designated website after downloading and installing the plugin. Multiple versions are available, and we recommend using Adobe Creative Cloud Adobe for seamless integration. The registration process will grant us a free account, allowing us to use the plugin without any issues.

install photoshop plugin

Once we have launched Adobe Photoshop in the usual manner, we will notice a new icon called ImageGenerator located in the sidebar. If it’s not immediately visible, we can access it through the plugins section.

plugin registration

To maximize the potential of this installed plugin and begin working with it, the first step is to select an AI model for image generation. We input the desired message or concept from which we want the image to be created, and then choose a suitable canvas or workspace to insert it.

images created

Afterwards, with a simple click on the Generate button within the plugin, we will witness the automatic appearance of four images on the screen within a matter of seconds. From there, we can select the most appealing image in each case if the displayed results meet our satisfaction.