Create a very compact desktop PC based on an Intel Celeron

Currently, it is possible to develop desktop computers and laptops, with very compact dimensions. The French company PC Bleu Jour has created a very compact computer. Specifically, they have created the Kubb Mini , a very compact limited edition desktop computer based on an Intel Celeron .

This equipment of the French brand is characterized by making use of a very low consumption Intel Celeron processor . But, among other things, it is a completely passive system that is made of aluminum. We are talking about a very compact system that has dimensions of 6.9 cm³. A very compact solution that will delight fans of compact systems.

Create a very compact desktop PC based on an Intel Celeron

Kubb Mini, a tiny computer with a passive heatsink

More and more users want to do without large systems that take up a lot of space. Many opt for compact systems that can be installed behind the monitor or laptops. But, the Bleu Jour brand has created a very compact system, so much so that it can go very unnoticed.

What is most striking are its dimensions , which are 6.9 x 6.9 x 6.9 cm , fitting in the palm of your hand. Its structure does not contain any plastic, it is made of a CNC aluminum block to dissipate heat. By using a low-power processor (which we will now talk about) it does not use fans.

An Intel Celeron N5105 processor has been used for this system, which has 4 cores and 4 threads. This processor has a frequency of 2.0 GHz and in Boost mode it can reach 3.3 GHz. In addition, it integrates an Intel UHD graphics with 24 execution units that allows us to output video without problems up to 4K resolution. All this with a consumption of only 10W.

This system is accompanied by 8 GB of LPDDR4 RAM and a 128 GB SSD storage unit. The RAM memory is soldered on the motherboard, in order to further miniaturize the system. On the other hand, the SSD is a SATA 3 type and has an M.2 2242 format, which can be replaced.

Regarding connectivity, this system has four USB-A 3.0, a USB-C , an HDMI, a 3.5 mm jack connector and a microSD card reader. In addition, this system has support for WiFi, for internet connection without the need for cables.

A unit limited by being complex to manufacture

Bleu Jour has only released 200 units of this super compact computer. The reason for the limited quantity in terms of units is that the chassis manufacturer takes four hours to manufacture. Something that makes this unit more expensive than other models that may be more or less equivalent in dimensions and features.

Kubb Mini is available in a limited way for a price of 350 euros, mainly due to the aluminum block. The French company has a slightly larger version of 10.16 cm³, which has a starting price of 659 euros.

Obviously, this system cannot run games, but for office, study or multimedia, it is more than enough. It has a processor that is quite good, the amount of RAM is at the minimum acceptable and perhaps the storage can fall short.