Create a unique wallpaper for your Xiaomi Smart Band 7

We all want our Xiaomi Smart Band 7 to look unique and differentiated from the rest. That is why it includes multiple forms of customization through the spheres, which completely modify the device’s interface to provide an exclusive appearance. However, there are those who are not entirely happy with the result, although there is a very simple solution to this small problem.

The new activity bracelet of the Chinese brand hides inside the possibility of creating a personalized wallpaper with direct access and detailed information. A very interesting peculiarity that should be known thoroughly to show off your wearable in your group of friends.

Create a unique wallpaper for your Xiaomi Smart Band 7

A unique background for your Xiaomi Smart Band 7

When it comes to customizing the Xiaomi Smart Band 7 we can choose from an endless series of spheres for the screen. There is a huge variety, but there are times when one does not feel convinced by any of them. In this situation, the user can set their own wallpaper respecting the interface of the sphere in question.

Xiaomi Smart Band 7 fondo

The problem in this aspect is that you cannot do it with any sphere , but only with those within the Zepp Life app, that is, the program through which we synchronize our smart bracelet. Best of all, the procedure does not hide any complications and here we leave you the steps for it:

  1. Open the Zepp Life app on your mobile.
  2. Go to the “Profile” section in the lower right area and select your Xiaomi Smart Band 7 in “My devices”.
  3. Access the store and choose any of the faces within the “photo watchFace” section.
  4. After choosing the design that you like the most, tap on the “+” symbol below within “Custom background”.
  5. Select “Gallery” and choose the photo you want to set as wallpaper for your Xiaomi Smart Band 7.
  6. Crop the image as you prefer to later click on the accept button at the top right.

In this simple way you can choose the background you want for your Xiaomi Smart Band 7. Of course, always look for vertical images so that they fit perfectly with the screen of your bracelet. Otherwise, the end result could be quite strange and unsightly.

A lot of spheres

If by some chance you are not convinced by this alternative or any of the ones that the Zepp Life app includes inside, you will be interested to know that in the Google Play Store you can find applications that hide inside a huge list of much more varied spheres than those of the own synchronization service.

Esferas Xiaomi Smart Band 7

Our recommendation is called Mi Band 7 Watch Faces, where you can download faces of your favorite games and even anime. Take a look to thoroughly customize your Xiaomi Smart Band 7 and be amazed at the possibilities it has. All the ones you download will appear later in Zepp Life so you always have them at hand.