Covers to protect the HomePod and HomePod mini

All the HomePod models out there are really delicate. That is why it is always advisable to protect this type of speaker to avoid problems in the event that it takes a hit with one of the compatible covers that exist on the market. Here we tell you all the details about it.

What to look for in these covers

Covers to protect the HomePod and HomePod mini

In the market you can find many covers to protect the iPad from any impediment that may end up causing it. That is why different characteristics must always be taken into account in order to find the best possible cover, depending on the use that is going to be given or the construction materials to be used. Specifically, the characteristics to take into account are the following:

  • Construction materials: there are many construction materials that can be found in this type of covers. It is important to choose the one that is most suitable, with silicone and EVA being the most recommended. The first of these is one of the best because it can be cleaned really well with a simple damp cloth.
  • Function that will be given to it: in the market you can find two types of cover, depending on the type of function that is going to be given to it. The first one is for protection against dust or shocks while they are placed in the house itself on a suitable surface. The other function is the transport function where the case acts as a sturdy case.
  • Ease of cleaning and placement: another key point to take into account is the ease with which the covers can be cleaned when they are indicated to be used at all times. In many cases they can be cleaned with a simple damp cloth.

Options for the ‘big’ HomePod

The first HomePod to hit the market with a wide variety of accessories to protect it at all times. Here we show you the best covers that exist.



The LIKDAY brand offers users a pack of two covers for the larger HomePod. These are fully elastic so that it adapts perfectly to the general structure of the accessory. Obviously we are talking about a mesh that is quite fine and that does not offer any type of resistance to blows. Its function is mainly related to aesthetics.

When you have a HomePod that is white, dust and dirt in general can be seen very clearly. That is why this type of mesh is intended to prevent dust from ending up in the fabric of the speaker itself. In the event that there is no type of protector, it can be difficult in the long run to clean the entire HomePod. In the case of having this type of protective covers, you can remove it and wash it in the washing machine comfortably.


This protective cover is intended to cover the HomePod completely to prevent dust from entering. This means that the fabric of the HomePod is always clean since this cover can be removed in a comfortable way to clean it individually. In this way you will not be afraid to use some type of aqueous product on the device, which is always something that becomes dangerous.

The bag is specially designed for the HomePod so it will be perfectly attached. It is constructed of neoprene, so the feeling to the touch is quite soft. Obviously on the back you can find the outlet for the power connection. This shows that it is specially designed for this HomePod in congress, which makes it a really interesting option for the price it has.


The cover is made of neoprene, which gives it a very soft body that is quite soft to the touch. This means that if the HomePod receives some kind of impact with the ground or some other object, it does not suffer any damage. In other cases it is not something that can be found since they always remain in the protection against dust that is in the environment where it is placed.

In an extra way, the cover’s mission is to protect in all axes. It is not only limited to the resistance to the adhesion of the dust but a non-slip pad is also included in the pack itself and the cover of the internal surface is smooth. This means that the surface of the speaker is not damaged at any time in order that it will last over time.



This Apple speaker cover is constructed of neoprene, so durability and cleanliness are guaranteed. With a simple cloth you can leave it shiny and even remove it to wash it with plenty of water. This is something that does not happen in the case of having the HomePod with any type of cover, on which you cannot apply a large amount of water with chemicals to clean it.

Keep in mind that it has a design quite similar to that of a cuff. It makes it perfectly adapted to the design of the HomePod to avoid that a simple hit can end up negatively affecting the operation of the device. In addition, being constructed of neoprene, it makes it have a fairly soft texture. It is available in both black and silver.



This larger HomePod case is constructed of durable, soft silicone to protect the speaker. It has an ingenious design at both ends of the cover, finding different gaps so that the sound output is not affected or when giving different voice commands to the assistant. This is something that can happen with other cases that have a design that can cause the sound not to be emitted correctly.

It offers complete protection by having a smooth, shockproof, non-slip and washable surface layer. The latter is really important since any stains that appear on this silicone cover can be cleaned with a simple damp cloth. That is why it is ideal to protect the device and also to keep it clean at all times. It is available in a wide range of colors.

Alternatives for the HomePod mini

If you have the cheapest model and therefore with a smaller size, the covers used in the previous model will not be compatible. We show you which ones you should use for this type of speaker.



Case that has a unique design and that is specially designed for the HomePod mini in order to protect it from impacts that may occur. It is easy to charge so it is not necessary to remove the protective cover when connecting the power cord. It will be accessible at all times to avoid problems with the current.

The case is constructed of high-quality silicone, which offers 360-degree protection. It is designed to be dustproof and anti-collision having a wide variety of colors so that it can be adapted correctly to the design of your whole home. The holes that can be found in the case mean that the output of the sound is not obstructed, nor the input through the voice commands.


If you are an Apple lover, this will be an ideal case for you as it has a spectacular apple-shaped design. It is fully compatible with the HomePod mini on the market and is made of high quality silicone, which is characterized by good flexibility and resistance to tearing. In addition, being made of silicone, it can be easily washed with a simple damp cloth.

This case is designed to be able to protect the device from any type of impact. Although it is perfectly adjusted to the HomePod, it is not difficult to install at all and it will adapt perfectly to the moment. In the upper part you can find a kind of handle that simulates the leaf of an apple and that allows the speaker to be transported around the house.

HomePod Carrying Cases

In addition to the covers for the HomePods whose mission is to protect the speaker when it is being used at home, you can also find other covers to transport them. In the event that you are going to change house or want to take it to a party, this is the best way to transport it without damage.



This is a hard case that is specially designed for the HomePod mini. It features advanced materials as the hard shell is made of durable EVA that is waterproof, shockproof, and dustproof. Ditch with two dedicated spaces, one for the device as such and another next to it that is for the cable. It is for all this that a really comfortable cover is made when inserting the speaker itself.

The protection is 360º so even if it receives a blow there will not be any kind of problem since the cover is perfectly capable of resisting it. It has a zipper system to keep it tightly closed at all times. It has a handle for comfortable transport wherever you go.



In the event that you have the largest HomePod, this is the best option that can be found on the market. It is a box that adapts perfectly to the design of the speaker at all times. It has a handle on the upper part to be able to transport it in a comfortable way and as in the previous case you can find two well distinguished spaces to be able to insert the loudspeaker on one side accompanied by the cable in another of the spaces.

To avoid any type of damage, the cover has a padded protection preventing any type of scratch. It is resistant to any type of wear, dust, bumps or falls. The cover can fully protect the equipment and the protection performance is strong. It is compact in size for easy portability. It also has a flexible and expandable design so that the device can be accommodated.


Another case that is specially designed for the HomePod mini. The housing is resistant and is constructed with high quality EVA that can prevent the speaker from scratching or having imperfect effects by absorbing the energy of impacts. All the blows that can be given will end up in the speaker’s own case without ending up passing to the device as such. It is especially suitable for transporting the device on road trips.

It has a really compact design and to prevent the device from coming out, a soft double zipper is used that will allow you to easily open and close the bag to remove or insert the speaker. The handle on the upper part is quite comfortable and resistant making it very easy to transport. This is why it is perfectly designed for the HomePod mini.

Which one do we recommend?

There are many options that can be found on Amazon to protect your HomePod both at home and when you are going to transport it. We particularly recommend those cases that are made of silicone for both models. These have the particularity of making cleaning much easier by having to wipe only a slightly damp cloth to be able to remove the dirt from this type of material. In addition, we must also recommend those that have different holes so that it does not hinder the sound output as it can happen with other covers. We recommend LUXACURY or WWIBST.

But if what you are going to do is transport the HomePod away from home, Socobeta is your brand. It offers really good resistance with top quality materials such as EVA rubber. It has a handle that is ideal for transporting it in a car or in any type of situation. In addition, it can be classified in a correct way so that you have the most compact experience possible.