How to Control Mobile Music with the Xiaomi Mi Band 4

Although the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 has a sports DNA, there are many users who do not conceive of the sport without music. That is why among the many tricks of this wearable, there is the possibility of controlling the music player of the mobile without having to take it out of your pocket. However, we will have to adjust several parameters so that everything works correctly.

The Mi Band 4 is designed to be worn at all times. There are users who never take it off, even when showering, since it can resist splashing without any problem. In this way physical activity is recorded at all times. But either because we go for a run or walk with music on the mobile or for mere convenience, we can control the music from the Mi Band 4 in a simple way.


With music elsewhere

Keep in mind that with the Mi Band 4 we can control the music of the mobile player itself, but it will also work with applications such as Spotify, Deezer, YouTube or even Netflix . The most popular applications that have a player can be controlled from our wrist. In addition, it does not require subscription to premium models to be able to handle these services from the Xiaomi bracelet.

Mi band 4 spotify

Access the player

Once we have installed our application and the bracelet linked to our mobile via Bluetooth, we can access the player quickly by sliding the main screen of the Mi Band 4 from right to left. At that time the player will appear. Keep in mind that the controls will be the same regardless of the type of application we are going to control: change the song, pause or resume and increase and decrease the volume. The small screen of the Mi Band 4 will show information about the artist or playing time. We can also access the player from the menu of the bracelet itself, sliding between the options until you find the “music” section.

Mi Band 4 reproductor de musica

Necessary adjustments

For everything to work properly we must make some adjustments in Mi Fit, since it must be allowed to run in the background, as well as the applications that we want to control from the wrist. For this we enter My Fit and select our profile. Then click on My Smart Band 4. Within the menu Manage applications / Automatic Start , we must mark as active Spotify, Youtube and all the apps that we want to control from the wristband.

mi fit ajustes

Battery management

We will also have to enter the section of the Battery Manager and check Without restrictions, so that Mi Fit can run in the background and the music is always controllable from the wristband. Otherwise we will have to enter continuously to activate the player. Now we can control the music that plays on our mobile at all times and without having to take it out of your pocket.