How to control computer games with your mobile

control-computer-game-with-mobileUsing our computer to enjoy different games can be very fun and entertaining, although depending on the chosen title, we can improve our experience using a Gamepad. This is something that we can now achieve easily with our mobile, making use of some of the apps that we are going to show you.

The possibilities in the touch screen of our Android mobile do not stop multiplying, long ago it was impossible to imagine everything that could give if a device with these characteristics.

With time and the development carried out, we can see how the mobile has become the center of operations for everything. In this case we will follow a few steps to make anyone can use their mobile phone with a computer to play , getting a gamepad in our possession for free.

Max Remote, turn your phone into a Gamepad

To transform our mobile, the first thing we have to do is download the Max Remote application on our Android mobile, regardless of the power, since the software does not need the best smartphones to work.

This application offers multiple possibilities, not only is it designed to create a Gamepad , but we can use it with many other smart devices in our home.

To start using it as a Gamepad we have to install software on our computer that will work as a server and connection point, to make our games replicate the movements that we are marking on the mobile.

A very simple installation and that is done by downloading it from the manufacturer’s website , where we will find the possibility of installing it also on Linux computers.

Max Remote, convertir movil en GamePad

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When we have installed the software on both devices, we just have to go to the mobile to automatically search and on the same WiFi network, our server created on the computer.

When connecting, we will have access to a lot of possibilities, such as choosing between more than 20 different Gamepads models . Among the most popular are the NES and others created specifically to enhance our game, for example one in shooting mode or career mode.

Gamepad móvil

Another option to turn our mobile into a Gamepad

In the Google Play application store we will find more valid options so that our mobile allows us to enjoy all video games at the highest level. Ultimate Gamepad is another app that works similarly, a solution in case the previous one does not get you to connect well.

In this case we also have to download the app on our mobile and then on our computer , to create a smartphone control point . When creating access on our computer, we can choose if we prefer to do it via WiFi or Bluetooth and then repeat this process on the mobile.

Crear móvil Gamepad gratis

When we have completed the process, on our mobile we will see the name of our computer and just by pressing it, we can give way to a single command model, but fully functional and with the possibility of modifying buttons . Now we can only start our favorite game and start enjoying the experience, as if we had a Gamepad in our hands.

Convertir movil en GamePad

All movements and pulsations will be replicated on the computer, although yes, we will have to start a game that can be used with controls, which are the majority. However, we cannot control arrows with this type of Gamepad that we have created. Enjoy the experience of running, jumping or climbing with your favorite games from your mobile.