Control all from your home with your mobile from anywhere

We can take advantage of home automation in many tasks of our day to day at home. There are more and more smart devices that allow us to automate things, make better use of resources and even save energy. In this article we are going to focus on what you can control from your mobile, remotely, thanks to home automation. You will see that you can manage many devices and appliances in your home.

What can you control from your mobile thanks to home automation

control smart home

Home automation allows devices of all kinds to be connected to the Internet. You will be able to connect household appliances to the network and, in turn, link them to a mobile device with which you will control them remotely. This is something that you will be able to carry out in many cases and in a simple way.

Turn on the heating or air conditioning

A clear example is being able to turn on stoves, radiators or air conditioning remotely. If you have them automated, even simply by having them connected to a smart plug, you can manage them without problems from your mobile, no matter where you are, since you only need to have Internet.

This is very useful to decide at all times when to turn on these devices to control the temperature of the house. You can even save energy, since you will optimize the ignition time.

Put the washing machine or dishwasher

You will also be able to control electrical appliances such as the washing machine or the dishwasher. You can configure them so that they turn on or off simply from your mobile, whenever and wherever you want. This way you will save time, but also money by being able to better choose the lighting hours.

For example, you can turn on the washing machine remotely at the hours of the day when energy is cheaper, in case you have a rate with hourly discrimination and there are differences depending on when you consume electricity.

Turn lights on and off

Of course, you can also control the lights on and off . Something basic is to use bulbs with Wi-Fi. Of course, it is important that the wireless network appears and works well to link the devices. In addition, you can turn on or off lamps of all kinds that you have domotized.

This can even be useful for security. For example, if you are going to be away from home for a few days and want to simulate that there are people inside the house, you can simply turn on lights remotely.

Errors when using bulbs with Wi-Fi

Control sensors of all kinds

At home you can have sensors of all kinds , such as temperature, humidity, smoke detectors, etc. All these devices can be linked to the mobile or other devices you have at home. For example, the temperature sensor could be linked to a smart plug to turn on the air conditioning.

You can also control these sensors from your mobile, remotely. You will be able to obtain information in real time, alerts if something goes wrong, make adjustments, etc.

See if any device is on or off

On the other hand, we can really say that the range of possibilities is almost infinite and you will be able to check if you have something on at home . For this you can use a smart plug. You can connect it to an oven, a brazier or anything you want to control and always know if it’s on or off.

This can be useful to avoid problems. For example, if you keep a stove on and you don’t know it, simply by looking at your mobile you will be able to verify if it is on or off and take action.

As you can see, home automation is something that is very present today and you will have many options to control from your mobile. You will be able to decide when to turn something on or off, control sensors, etc.