Consume Less Mobile Data on Your iPhone iOS 13

If you are not lucky enough to have an unlimited data rate, you should go every day looking at the amount of mobile data you have left until the billing cycle with your company is completed. Running out of these valuable ‘megabytes’ is undoubtedly a big problem since we will be condemned to surf at a very low speed and have to go looking for WiFi networks wherever we go to be able to send a simple image or consult a route in the browser. With the arrival of iOS 13 you can reduce your data consumption in an easy way and without noticing it as we will tell you below.

Don’t spend dumb data on iPhone by activating ‘reduced data mode’ in Settings

With the arrival of iOS 13 Apple included interesting features that were not announced in its presentation such as the way to avoid faster degradation of the battery, or the mode of reduced data. By activating this mode we can reduce the speed with which our mobile data is consumed since the operating system deactivates some background processes that can consume the internet of your rate and resumes them when you connect to a WiFi network.

To activate this mode, the first thing you should keep in mind is that you must be on iOS 13 and not in previous versions. Once you have verified this, you simply follow the steps below to activate the reduced data mode:

  1. Go to Settings> Mobile data.
  2. In this window you must press sorbe ‘Options’.
  3. Once we access the options, we must simply activate the ‘Reduced data mode’ option that we find at the end.

activar modo de datos reducidos iOS 13

But this saving can be done both in the mobile data of our rate and in WiFi networks. If we want our iPhone not to consume too much bandwidth in a WiFi network we can also activate this option in a simple way. We will simply have to follow the following steps:

  1. Go to Settings> Wi-Fi.
  2. Search for the Wi-Fi network in which you want to activate the data saving mode and click on the ‘i’ that you will find at the end.
  3. Here you simply have to activate the ‘Reduced data mode’.

Ahorrar datos WiFi

With these simple steps we can see that the mobile data that we have hired last us much more days with a more or less similar use. What you get thanks to this mode in iOS 13 is to reduce all processes that consume internet in the background. For example, updates of Podcasts, Photos and even backups are interrupted and even the quality of FaceTime calls is reduced. All these actions resume automatically when we connect to a WiFi network unless we have activated this option in this case.

It also greatly influences that third-party applications are optimized since if so they will also be affected by this mode of reduced data. For example, videos will play in lower quality and will also be inhibited from background updates. And all this the truth is that we hardly notice it on a day-to-day basis , so we recommend activating this mode if you do not have unlimited mobile data since you will not feel that it is activated at any time because the experience is very good except for the detail that The videos will play in lower quality.

Leave us in the comment box what you think in this way, will you activate it on your iPhone to extend the life of your internet at high speed away from home?