Connected lamps for your home: buying guide

Almost all the appliances and devices in the houses have been domoticized little by little. In this way, we can already find all kinds of devices under the surname ‘connected’ or ‘intelligent’, closely related to the famous voice assistants. Examples of this are smart blinds, Smart TVs, or light bulbs. Related to this last use, we already find fully connected or intelligent lamps , which are fully controllable through the mobile phone or by voice command. A very interesting option to go one step further in the home automation process. You won’t want to try another type of lamps again after this guide!

So today we are going to guide you through the process of buying your smart lamp, don’t confuse it with your smart light bulb! These are much more complete and with more options. We are here to help you. But as always, it is convenient to take a few notes.

Connected lamps for your home: buying guideConnected lamps for your home: buying guide

What we consider a connected lamp and how they work

A smart lamp is a gadget from which they can derive many benefits. Since the purpose of these products is to improve the traditional lighting system .

In this case we will only talk about the lamps connected by WiFi, although there are also Bluetooth models. By having WiFi, they can be connected and associated with virtual assistants such as Alexa and Google Home. Within these lamps there are models for all tastes: for bedside tables, for studies, for ceilings… In general, they are perfect to show off in a room, like other products such as the digital notebook or the light alarm clock that simulates the sunrise.

The luminaires in this group connect directly to our router. This provides the advantage of being able to use it from anywhere in our home, such as, enabling the relevant functions, from outside it as long as we have an Internet connection.

You just have to download an application for Android or iOS, and configure it through one of the two interfaces.

Lámpara inteligente de Xiaomi

In addition, many of the latter also work as a home automation lamp . This quality allows some features as interesting as:

  • Remotely turn on/off the light.
  • Modify the color if it is an RGB bulb, or failing that, the color temperature between warm and cold light.
  • Program the on / off in a certain time range.
  • Vary the light intensity if you have this option.
  • Other conditional functions: Known primarily from the IFTTT app, these types of functions represent actions that trigger other actions . For example: we can program that, when our mobile alarm sounds, it sends a signal to the light bulbs so that they turn on before you get home.

Features that your connected lamp should have

Choosing a good lamp lies in several issues to consider. We tell you some of the essential things:

  • Light power , decisive factor. Depending on the characteristics of the room or the environment that we want to create, we must choose a luminaire with greater or lesser light power, which is represented in watts (W) or lumens (lm). They usually move between 100 and 300 lumens, the latter being the most recommended number in the case of the top of the range.
  • The lighting tone comes from the hand of the light power. The hue is the color offered by the bulb, which can range from more yellowish to more bluish. This is defined in Kelvin (K), which will be specified in each product file. Mainly we can find 4 types of luminosities:
    • white light They emit light not exceeding 4500 Kelvin; a light with a color temperature that is not too high, whitish, ideal for reading or to use as an atmosphere at home.
    • Warm light. Its use is intended for somewhat more relaxed environments, and its minimum temperature is approximately 2200 Kelvin.
    • Nocturnal . Synonymous with not damaging eyesight, the night light is ideal for reading at night, bedrooms with dim lights for sleeping…
    • RGB . Surely RGB sounds familiar to you, right? Widely used in gaming products to illuminate with millions of colors. We are talking about up to 16 million colors, so you can change the light to the color you like best: pink, blue, yellow, violet… It has them all! Great for setting, but not optimal for use as a reading or work source.
  • Choice between the two attendees . Although we will expand on some information about it in the next section, when we talk about connected lamps, we refer to those that have a voice assistant. So the options are limited to two: Alexa and Google. Which prefer? Go choosing between one or the other, although we will specify more in another section.
  • Do you add remote ? In addition to the voice assistant, if by any chance you cannot use it, being able to turn it on, turn it off or change the lighting tone through the remote control is a great addition that you will end up thanking.
  • The price range in which that lamp moves. Depending on the budget, it will be possible to access more premium models of lamps, such as some from Philips, or others that, for much less, are capable of offering practically the same, saving the differences. Be that as it may, in this selection we will include models of all types and prices, so that you do not miss any.

Lamps with compatibility with Alexa and Google Assistant

The fundamental requirement for them to be intelligent. A most useful extra. To earn the ‘smart’ or ‘connected’ surname, some of them include compatibility with Alexa and Google Assistant systems. The two most used assistants on the market and with full compatibility. But what advantages can be elucidated of having an assistant in a lamp?

Mainly, and thanks to them, you will be able to control your lamp completely through voice commands. It’s that simple. In the same way that you use a Smart TV or the assistant on your mobile phone , you can tell the lamp to turn on before going to sleep, or turn off, without having to leave the bed.

And all this can be done through other devices. Being smart, it’s connected to other devices in your home, like the Google Nest or Amazon’s Echo Dot . Ask for it from your living room and, when you go to the room, it will be turned on. That is priceless. They seem like minor details, but once you try them, you won’t want to live without them.

How to know which one to choose ? It has an easy solution. We can say without fear of a doubt that Alexa is currently more complete than Google, since it supports many more devices than the other assistant. For that alone, it’s worth it. In addition, Alexa has the famous Skills , which have extra functions that allow you to install apps on the mobile and in the Alexa Skills store to have even more control over the device.

Simple connected lamps

First of all, we offer you a selection of the simplest and most economical connected or smart lamps . They will not disappoint you, because they equip the regulations to make a good user experience without spending too much money, and of course, with integrated assistants.


Our selection begins with this Hifree lamp. Its design is the most striking, with that rounded shape ideal for decorating any room. How could it be otherwise, it equips voice control, facilitating a more intelligent lifestyle. Simply connect to Alexa or the Google Assistant over WiFi to control the bedside lamp’s brightness, color, multiple modes, and lighting effects.

Hifree lámparas

It has eight completely different lighting scenes. You will be able to choose the lighting effects according to the place and moment in which you find yourself: more brightness, less, more intensity… In fact, it has 4 lighting modes: warm white, cold white, RGB color change cycle.

It also has a night mode . The brightness of the colors is completely RGB, being able to change the intensity from 0 to 100%. In addition to by voice, also by the ‘Smart Life’ app. As extras, it includes natural rhythm, timer and schedule configurator.

The price of the lamp in question on Amazon is approximately 29 euros.

Xiaomi Mi

How could there not be a Xiaomi gadget? In practically every selection we make, Xiaomi has a different device for every use in the home. Naturally, it was also going to have a bedside lamp. Simple but effective.

It should be noted that it works with the following applications: Apple Homekit, Siri, APP Remote Control. It is made in an inverted mold to create a practical, and even romantic, environment.

It has the most colorful soft light, as well as a double-layer screen and mixed light, which emits colorful light. Its maximum brightness is increased to 400 lumens. The minimum brightness is less than 2 lumens, which can serve as an auxiliary light during sleep. Ideal for children.

It works at 9 watts , and is priced at around 40 euros. Safe bet! We leave your purchase link below.


We raise the level exponentially with this model of LE lamp. Excellent where they are. It has voice control , and works with Alexa and Google, mainly. It will allow you to turn on or off, dim, brighten, or change the color of the light, all without having to be next to it.

Lámpara de escritorio LE

The color and brightness are completely adjustable, being able to vary between 2000, 3000 and 6000 Kelvin. It has 16 million colors , which will also allow you to change through the mobile application.

Among other extras it includes a timer. It is possible to turn the countdown on or off. It also allows you to change brightness and color temperature through the ‘Letro LampUX’ app, compatible with Android and iOS . It can be operated remotely anywhere as long as it is connected to 2.4GHz WiFi.

Price? We are talking about costing approximately 40 euros.


Among the cheapest models we find this Meross night lamp, completely portable and of great quality , with more than 1,200 reviews on Amazon. The first thing that stands out is its vertical design, the coolest thing to set your room or living room.


It has compatibility with Apple HomeKit Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant and SmartThings , and you can control: voice control to turn on, turn off or dim, illuminate your light, and even change the color of the light.

The color and brightness are fully adjustable, and you can choose between white or warm light and a wide range of the most vibrant colors. It also allows remote control by the app ‘ Meross App ‘, to control the light from your smartphone with a Wi-Fi connection. It lacks nothing, and with a timer!

Getting hold of it on Amazon has a price of about 42 euros.

The top-of-the-range lamp models

Secondly, we are honored to introduce you to a selection of the best smart lamps in the broadest sense of the word: the most premium models.


A little bigger in size is this Fortand, a floor lamp compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant . Ideal to illuminate an entire room, beyond using it as the rest of the table lamps. The floor lamp can be controlled by mobile app, remote control and voice control. You can control the power on and off, change the color, the light mode, adjust the brightness and speed and activate a timer.


It has 60 pieces to assemble, and varies between 2700 and 6500 Kelvin for warmer and cooler whites, with up to 16 million colors and multiple options.

With the wizard you can change all the most popular effects, as well as remotely control colors, turn on the timer … It has a built-in high-sensitivity microphone and music mode to change the color to the rhythm of the music. It is the easiest to assemble.

The price of this on Amazon is about 50 euros.

Philips Hue

An excellent option for the ceiling, if you don’t want something for the table or standing, is this Philips Hue. It is a voice-controllable LED spotlight with Alexa and Google. It emits warm to cold white light between 2200 and 6500 Kelvin.

Philips Hue techo

Connect to your Bridge or Hue for full smart lighting control : access all smart lighting control and features; control your lights with the Philips Hue app, set timers, alarms, routines, smart home and away control, add or remove lights and more* Hue bridge sold separately.

Pairing it up is super easy, and you can combine it with 10 other smart lights and control them all with a single wizard or button. The price is 70 euros.

Philips Hue Go

Finally, we return with Philips Hue and this Hue Go lamp, very similar to the previous model. This one is fully portable, instead. They have various modes. Being portable , it has 3 hours of intelligent lighting and up to 18 hours using the Cozy Candle light effect.

Philips Hue Go

It has such interesting options as being able to connect your Hue Go to the Hue Bridge and make your lights simulate the sunrise in the morning with the Wake routine that slowly illuminates the lights at a certain time to help you start the day calmly and with energy. At night, set the Go to Bed routine, which gradually dims the warm white lights and helps prepare the body for a restful night’s sleep.

It is compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Apple HomeKit voice assistants. Also, you can change the light with the button on the lamp itself. The price of this is about 75 euros.

Recommendation: the best lamps

The question is simple: with which lamp do we stay? The range to choose from is wide. Of all the models, we would take home the Philips Hue one. We have already analyzed this model on several occasions for its excellent features, and we believe that it meets everything necessary to be top of the range: good price, functionality, variety of colors and what matters most, excellent communication with both Google and Alexa. .