Connect this device to your TV and pay less for electricity

Do you want to save on the electricity bill? It is important that you have control over the consumption of everything you connect to electricity. Television is one of the devices that can consume the most, especially when you use it a lot during the day. But other devices that you have near the TV also use energy. Therefore, in this article we are going to explain what you can do to pay less on your electricity bill when using your TV simply with a device you have at home.

Use a power strip for TV and other devices

Connect this device to your TV and pay less for electricity

There is what is known as phantom consumption . It is all the electricity cost of your devices, even if you have them apparently turned off. For example, when you leave the red LED on the TV on, in Stand By, it will be consuming electricity. The same when you leave speakers, a game console or any other device connected.

How does a power strip help save on the electricity bill? What you are going to do is connect the television, game console, video player, speakers or any other device that is related to the TV there. When you are not using them, you are simply going to press the button to turn off the strip and they will automatically disconnect all of them completely.

You will avoid the phantom consumption of television and other devices. Even the chargers could consume, even if it is very little. By making this small gesture of turning off the power strip, you can save money every month and the sum of everything can be an interesting amount after a year.

Keep in mind that phantom consumption can be over 10% of the total bill. Therefore, avoiding leaving devices such as the television on will be essential to avoid unnecessary spending and to save some money on the electricity bill.

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A smart power strip, a good option

Beyond using a traditional power strip, you can also opt for a smart one. This type of device connects via Wi-Fi and allows better control of which devices turn on or not, all remotely. For example, you could turn off all connected devices except for the television. Also choose when something turns on or off, etc.

Smart power strips are an interesting option to have greater control of all the home devices that you connect to it. It is an alternative to plugs with Wi-Fi and allows you to connect more than one device at the same time. It helps both to automate tasks and take advantage of home automation, as well as to save energy.

In the case of television, you can mainly use it to disconnect devices remotely or choose when something is available or not. It is not so useful to turn on the television, since that will not be able to be in many cases. Yes, you can turn it off at any time, since it is basically as if you disconnected it from the current. It is important to have a good connection and avoid disconnecting Wi-Fi.

Therefore, as you can see, you can use a power strip to connect the television and other devices. It is something that you surely have at home and can help you save on your electricity bill. One more thing to keep in mind to spend less energy and pay less.