How to Completely Uninstall Mac Applications

Uninstalling applications in macOS can be a familiar task for everyone, but not so much the way to make no trace of these. To completely erase applications from a Mac requires a third-party application like the one we will teach in this post. The process is really simple and fast, while giving full confidence to the external program that is needed.


Completely remove Mac applications

As a general rule, the method to delete applications on a Mac computer is to access the Applications folder, select the one we want to uninstall and drag it to the trash. Technically the application will be uninstalled and we will not be able to use it, however this process does not guarantee that all the folders in which files of that application are saved are deleted.

In the Mac App Store and on the Internet there are numerous third-party applications that guarantee the complete and safe removal of applications in macOS. Therefore we do not have only one alternative, however we will explain the process to be carried out with AppCleaner , one of the most popular and that provides more guarantees of efficiency and safety.

The steps to follow are those:


  1. Download AppCleaner from the browser. You can do it from the developer’s website .
  2. Install the application and open it.
  3. Open the Applications folder now and select the one you want to delete from your Mac.
  4. Drag the application to the AppCleaner window.
  5. Select all the boxes that appear in AppCleaner if you want to remove any trace of the application. Once done, click on “Delete” .

As you have seen, the process is really simple. We insist that AppCleaner is not the only application for macOS that allows this process to be carried out, but since it is a secure application and we have been using it for a long time, we believe it is the most appropriate. In addition, its interface is very intuitive and also comes without advertising, which is something to consider as a free program.

Goodbye to your Mac’s junk files

The process is really not over if you want to remove all traces of the applications, since you would have to empty the trash safely. For this we recommend that you place the cursor on the icon of this and while holding down the alt / option key, right click and select “Empty Trash”. This is the safe way to also delete any type of file that we have deleted from the trash.

If before knowing the method that we just showed you to remove applications from the Mac you did it in the ‘classic’ way, do not worry. This should not generate any security problem on your Mac or its malfunction, however, it can take up some memory space by having so-called junk files stored . These are usually maintained despite the removal of the application in case we reinstall it in the future and we would like to have certain data and settings from the previous installation. But thanks to applications like AppCleaner, those remains will no longer remain.